What Will Become of AMPL and SPOT Tips?

In case you haven't seen the announcement and the copious amount of articles on said announcement, Publish0x will be switching to the Optimism Network in 3 to 6 weeks. While we await another week or so for more information on the matter, I'm wondering what will become of AMPL and SPOT tips that have been accumulated on the platform. Since there's no official answer, let the speculation begin.


If history is any indicator (looking at FARM and STAT), the remaining balance of SPOT and AMPL may be auto-converted to ETH. Admittedly, RocketEnthusiast would be most pleased with this outcome. My staked USDC/SPOT pair has provided a grand return of 0, nada, zilch! So, it would be a most welcome outcome to see all of the remaining SPOT on P0x get converted to some juicy Ether.


What else may happen? I really can't think of any other options. Like I've stated above, the past two times tipping tokens have gone away they have been automatically swapped for ETH. 

The Optimism Network, built on the Ethereum platform, is designed to take advantage of the strong security features of Ethereum and reduce gas fees. The $OP token, which will be the next tipping token here on Publish0x, is used for governance. 

So, get it straight. When you start seeing "OP" in the comments, it may be referring to the new crypto in P0x town, not "original poster!" Let's see what unfolds over the coming weeks.

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