A Token George Costanza Could Support

Jerry: "It's not about nothing."

George: "No, it's about nothing."

Jerry: "Well, maybe in philosophy, but even nothing is something."

Iconic lines from Seinfeld, the "show about nothing." When I initially discovered Bitcoin back in 2011, I thought nothing of it. A friend of mine introduced it to me as "the currency of the future." I shrugged him off, but not before he had set me up with a wallet, a Slushpool account, and began running Diablo Miner on my Macbook. "Just make sure to give it a break, don't let it run all night," he told me.

After a month or so of hearing my laptop make some funny noises, get extremely hot, and run a bit slower than normal, I called it quits. I had no idea what it was. To me, it was nothing. But even as Jerry Seinfeld said, "nothing is something."

Fast forward ten years later to April 2021, I was able to find my old wallet address by searching through an old email account. What I thought was nothing (0.015 BTC) now had a value of hundreds of dollars. Without my old laptop (in a landfill somewhere) or recovery phrase (long forgotten), the satoshis are now irretrievable. 

Now I've stumbled upon Nothing Coin, which leaves me wondering - "can nothing really be something?"


It seems absolutely crazy. The white paper reads like pure satire. But there it is! Nothing!

"1) Build a strong, money hungry community
2) Do nothing"

The Twitter page shows what is perhaps the beginning of said community. 

Maybe nothing really can be something. Or maybe nothing happens. 

Either way, I'll make sure to be more careful with my wallet this time around. Watching this one because I have nothing better to do.

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