What is the main product ?

By Abali Ikulu | Rocket | 10 Jul 2021


 Let's define a product as :< an article or substance that is manifactured or rafined for sale > in most of case and in our case the product refer to business material , and we intended from this that there is appointing negociation about something special in the business area.

Products are for different area, sometime when speaking for black market, no one care about presenting brand new staff, or rafined staff the deal is operated in a particular way that both side understand and agree in a certain point. However when saling product seriousness is required because people do not spend their money any how .

In our modern day the social media have become the ultimate place to display advertisements and any product from the virtual or physical domain are sold, In these days Companies recrutes experts to work for them and wisdom and style are executed just to attracted leads.

For sure each Company has its main products,the products that the Company relay the most,let's compare this to our dearest partner home, We people love others but among the people we love our Wives and hursbands are the people we love most. and they are considered like our main products because we care about them ,we can do anything possible to please them ..


Presently there are 3 of  levelnaut products, but some 150 products are being processed. When starting let mention at first the platform itself, The platform idea is the crraetion of levelbook, that which people may learn how they can get knowledge of the plaform ideo;ogy but also understand it for their future use, These book can be also present in form of files or tools.

The point here is that the Company is focus on educational materials that people may use for they self education about doing business online and most, know the Company concept. they contain not only theorical points but also techniques ,secret and method for expending they knowledge .and not forgetting that making money is the key point of this activity, but any ebook item can be purchase with the Elven coin cryptocurrency . 

How to buy Ebook ? 

You may contact telegram : @Bagira_elena who is the Director manager 

2.Elven land

the main idea with Elven land is to create an advertizing templates from <million of pixels cathegory each of these templetes contains not only millions ads slots but will be broadcaste to million  of pages in all ads unit and all of levelnaut websites.Let us say if you buy one pixels in elven land there is a probability that million of users in the levelnaut website can see it knowing that these days people pay less attention for advertising because it bored them .


Poziturbo is deducted from the esperanto language which mean < positive city > ,The Company would like to gather a major 

number of users or humanity to behave positively, Doing thing more differently then they are actuall , and when you join the group you are call to post good quality videos, nice articles, funny history ,members also discuss differents group topic and can participate in webinar this is the main place of communication. 

for more details can read this in : https;// 


or https:// 


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Abali Ikulu
Abali Ikulu

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