Splinterlands updated tactic

Greetings readers,

Thought of dropping a very short and quick update as I have been overwhelmed with work. If you remember the tactic I described in my post here  I wanted to update you that the only flaw I found was that it does not count as a win for the other person. That is, if you surrender before accepting the battle it will not count as a win for the daily quest.

That is a bummer as I hate ruining other people's daily quest completion, but for the moment I value the time I gain through this method. 

In terms of other updates I had another bit of luck and had another golden drop. This card is actually quite good so might end up keeping it. 


What was your experience in Splinterlands in the last few days? Let me know below.

Take care


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Rock, Paper, Splinter
Rock, Paper, Splinter

A blog about the online card game Splinterlands. As a newbie player I will be covering my journey and lessons learned.

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