Splinterlands | New player tips and season ending part 3

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As all card games that embrace a seasonal format, the second most fun part of the game is when the season ends and you get to collect all the juicy rewards (provided of course you bought your summoner's spellbook that is - see my article here for that and other tips).

So how do you best prepare for the end of season?


On the left side you see the timer that counts down until the season will end. When the timer reaches zero the rewards reflected under pending are distributed to you. As you advance through the leagues the rewards increase, so you will probably be seeing a different number there depending on your league.

On the right side you see your current league and rating. You can see that while I would have enough rating almost to advance to the Silver III league I cannot because I lack the power. Now, if I wanted to advance to Silver III I could hit the market, buy a bunch of cards, get my power over the limit for the next tier and then I would be in Silver III (getting my ass kicked to the moon and back most likely). 

Still with me so far? Great!

Now, why would you not want to push for higher leagues asap? Because top 20 in each league receive at the end of the season additional rewards in the form of Untamed card packs. The top 3 players receive quite a few of these (15 - 10 - 5 packs to be precise), while the rest in the top 10 get 3 and the players up to position 20 get 1 pack. Not bad, right? In higher leagues the rewards are higher and the number of players getting this extra reward increases by 5 per league.

So the strategy I am aiming for right now is to consolidate in Bronze I league and next season aim for a top 200 finish (currently sitting around rank 800). After that I would slowly attempt to squeeze into the top 20. This will probably take me a 2-3 seasons more and some lucky drops.

In full disclosure, I have spent more money on the game beyond the summoner's spellbook. I've bought a few packs to qualify for the airdrops and bought a few quest potions. My latest purchase were mystery potions which add the possibility to get land plot claim drops as well (currently valued at around 20 USD per plot claim). Although these have currently no in-game use, the land expansion is expected to launch later this year. 

My next post will be about potions, their utility and whether they are worth it or not. Stay tuned!

If you missed my previous blog post, there is a listing of cards worth buying off the market when starting out! If in doubt what is good and worth your DEC, check it out here.

If you don't know what Splinterlands is and you want to give it a try, consider using my referral link and we can both receive a random card if you like what you see and decide to give it a go by purchasing the summoner's spellbook. In addition, upon purchasing the spellbook I will lease you a basic card for the first month to help you even further (no extra cost to you and no commitments). Good way to kickstart your collection!

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