How to trade the gap with new Yobit Robotrade.

How to trade the gap with new Yobit Robotrade.

By RichKidCrypto | RKCtrading | 11 Aug 2020

4 days ago Yobit published a new Feature on their exchange: Robotrade.

Robotrade is a powerfull tool that is able to automaticly create buy and sell orders. It's very helpfull if you try to trade the gap of Altcoin/Bitcoin traiding pairs.

For exaple Doge/Bitcoin.

The current buy price for Dogecoin is 29sat.

The current sell price for Dogecoin is 30sat.

Let's do a example where we start with 1000 Dogecoins:

This is how we set up the Robotrade:



After creating the rule the bot will automaticly create a 30sat sell order for your Dogecoins. As soon as the order is completed you will end up with 30k sat. After that the bot will create a order to buy Dogecoin at the price of 29sat. Completing this order will leave you with 1034Doge. That's 3.4% Profit. The bot will repeat the steps until you delete the rule.

If you are not a member of yobit Exchange you can sign up here:



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