Adulting 101: Embracing Your Childhood

By Sophia_alter | Ricki Ryce | 4 Apr 2021

When I was younger, I wanted to grow up quickly so I could have my job and earn my own money. I thought when I stop being a child, everyone will give me that same respect adult get and that finally, I could do whatever I wanted, but I was mistaken!

It took me years to understand that adulting was not a walk in the park. Suddenly, I have met the words "priorities" and "responsibilities", both of which were too hard to handle if you do not know how to make your way out from this crazy maze called life.

When I started college way back in 2015, I was that scrawny kid filled with pride because I graduated high school with flying colors. I thought taking education as my course would be as easy as I imagined it to be. But then four years later, as I sat in that great hall where my college graduation was held, I cried. I cried so hard because college was an uphill battle and it was never easy.

The insurmountable challenges were bloodshed. There were too many sleepless nights and sacrifices to do. It changed me though. I was no longer that scrawny kid who took the entrance exam with just a hundred pesos bill in her pocket. Suddenly I became more knowledgeable and full of prowess. And once again I became foolish just the way I was when I graduated high school. I seemed to have forgotten that what lies ahead was just another perilous path. A path that was harder than high school and college.

A lot of the young generation nowadays do not anymore know how to value time. I know it by heart because I was once like them. I wanted everything to move quickly so I could run ahead, but life should not be treated that way. We should not forget to enjoy and be thankful for the things that we have right now. Childhood, for example, should be cherished because when you grow up, a lot of responsibilities will be put on your shoulder. Sometimes you cannot help but ask for more time to do all the things and responsibilities that were given to you. And often, you do not get that time. You will finally realize that the weekends will feel like three hours only. And little by little, you will lose a lot of people since you do not anymore have the time and energy to be with them.

Yes, being an adult is exciting, but it is not something that offers you only the good things in life. There will always be heartaches, sacrifices, and sometimes death. My advice would be, whatever age you are right now, use it to your advantage. Learn things and be patient in everything you do. Do not rush and instead take time to relax and think how blessed you are with that life you have. You will get there, you will be an adult but in the meantime, be patient with yourself.

Someday, all the things that you love doing as a child will be missed. And expect that you will have drastic changes physically, mentally, and wholesomely. People will come and go in your life and you have to be strong to accept that in this life, everything and everyone is temporary. And when you get older, these temporary things and persons are the ones that will keep you up at night. Surely, you will be eaten by regret. Maybe you will say " I should have become more thankful for their existence and should have cherished the moments I had with them. Now, all that I have are regrets." That would be a very sad realization and nobody wants that.

Ride your life like an expert horseman. You know the trail and you know how to handle your horse. Do not skip nor jump to the next trail or a cliff if you and your horse are not ready. Learn to take things slowly and accurately. Just remember that if you want to be an adult, embrace your childhood first.

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