Testing 3 months ago!

By richardquo | richard_eng | 16 Oct 2020

How about friends and countrymen of this universe! I have been testing this platform in Argentina for a few months. As you know, here in our country the Argentine peso has been devaluing and "inflating" considerably, and it makes small savers able to protect our income in cryptocurrencies. That's how I got to the good bit (at the suggestion of a Venezuelan colleague) and I started buying bitcoins directly with Argentine pesos, yes! with pesos!


As usual, you must register and send your personal data attaching a copy of your ID. Before you must confirm your email address. In my registry I waited a few days. Then I linked my savings account in pesos (you have to be the account holder at the bank) and voila! I started operating.

In buenbit, the purchase price of bitcoins is referenced to the price of the "blue dollar" or illegal dollar, so as it goes up, so will the purchase price. But beware! the sale price will also go up.

In the last rise of the blue dollar + the rise in the price of bitcoin has left me a surplus in profits of approximately 24% (in a month). To that we must subtract the inflation from 3 to 4% that we have been adding.

As a suggestion for my operations, what I do is deposit funds in the bitcoin account and withdraw the money (buying DAI or transferring pesos to my bank account), then I leave a "base" for future bullish movements of bitcoin and the blue dollar.


Without further ado, I just wanted to share this experience with you.


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