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By RHBW | Wide World of Stuff | 10 Aug 2021

Hey there, if you are like me then you have probably seen a lot of posts on Publish0x about a mining simulator called Rollercoin. After seeing like the 4th or 5th post about it I decided to jump into it. I was interested in this simulator because you can earn crypto while playing. Also, if my lack of ability to mine coins, see my previous post, this game gives me my mining fix! 

This game has you complete mini games to earn processing power to mine BTC, ETH, Doge, and the games own token RollerToken. You can assign your overall processing power to any combination of these coins. Right now I'm mining 10% BTC and 90% RollerToken. As you win mini games, your mining laptop gets upgraded to give you a boost in power. But be warned, the boost only lasts for 24 hrs. To extend it, just win any mini game to reset the timer. 

Now winning mini games will only let you mine so fast. To get a permanent increase in mining power you can buy virtual mining rigs using RollerTokens. This is why I have most of my mining power going to them. The fast I can accumulate RollerTokens, the fast I can buy virtual rigs to mine more of the  blocks! Each block is mined in 10 minutes and the amount of power you supplied based on mini game winning decides how much reward you get. And the rewards are real! You can get out real BTC, ETH, and Doge. 

I have been playing for a few days now and I have a bits of a RollerToken. This is a slow process, but so is mining for real. Honestly, it is a great game to check every few hours, play some mini games, and then log off. I recommend giving it a try, and use this link to get some rewards for the both of us! 


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