Lack of Mining for Intel GPUs

By RHBW | Wide World of Stuff | 29 Jul 2021

As I continue to dive into my crypto journey, I have ran into something that is a bit frustrating. It is not an end of crypto interest for me but just something that I want to try but am limited by the hardware I have. This something is trying to mine any coins using a Intel GPU.

I have been interested in mining for a while but what really peaked my interest was an article here on Publish0x that broke down and explained the set up of a miner for mining Ravencoin (RVN). The article was by TrocProLock and you can find it using this link. What I liked about this article was just the step by step guide on how to set up your own personal mining software. I had looked into things like NiceHash or Cudominer as people say they make it so easy to mine but they take a lot of your earnings or make you wait to withdraw your earnings until a very high amount has been earned.

Now with some great instructions, I set out to set up my computer to mine! But I ran into an issue, my computer has an intel GPU. The miner that TrocProLock uses requires NVIDA so I would get an error when starting. No biggy though right? I could probably find another miner software that works with Intel and tweak the directions to set it up. WRONG!  I looked everywhere and I can not find a miner that works with Intel GPUs, besides going with Cudominer or Nicehash. But even then, they only will mine Monero using the CPU. 

It is interesting to me that I couldn't find a miner that works with Intel GPUs. I know they are the last of the big three behind NVIDA and AMD but they still make a decent size of the GPU market. This seems like a big enough market for some mining software developer to tackle and earn decent money off of. Even if that is 1% to 2% for dev fee, that is passive income, which the world of crypto loves! I honestly am thinking about jumping into coding just to make my own miner but that would be a long process as I know very little about coding and how to make a program a miner on a blockchain. Let me know if you have an idea on where to start for that project! 

I guess for now I will stick to Cudominer mining Monero. I tried to get Nicehash to work but it kept on failing. Maybe it was a Windows Defender issue? If you know about a miner that works with Intel GPUs let me know in the comments. Also, if you have an opinion on Cudominer or Nicehash let me know as well! 

Thanks for reading and see you next time! 



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