Dlike Token Sales Is Going To Start On Steem Blockchain From 12–14 May, 2019

By Rezoanul Vibes | rezoanulvibes | 7 May 2019

Dlike, one of the fastest growing social media platforms, is going to start Dlike token sales on Steem Blockchain. It will start on 12th May (1:00 PM GMT time) and end 14th May, 2019.

So what is Dlike and Dlike Token?

Dlike is a social sharing platform that built on top of Steem blockchain that enables you to share any informative links and get rewarded for your effort and time. When you share informative links on Dlike, you will get upvote from Dlike as well as Dlike token for being active on the platform.

Dlike introduced its own ecosystem based tokens that ensure better social economy. Dlike token is a utility token that you can hold or consume within the platform. And its value derives from Dlike platform.

Dlike Token Price For This Special Offer

Dlike did its first IEO recently where Dlike token price was $0.025 USD. Since this is a special offer on Steem blockchain, the token price will be $0.02 USD (20% discount). STEEM to USD price will be announced 12 hours before Dlike token sales.


Bonus Offers For First Buyers

  • First 250 buyers who buy over 100 USD will get 10,000 free DLIKE Tokens
  • First 100 buyers who buy over 200 USD will get 25,000 free DLIKE Tokens
  • First 50 buyers who buy over 500 USD will get 75,000 free DLIKE Tokens
  • First 25 buyers who buy over 1,000 USD will get 200,000 free DLIKE Tokens
    Everyone who buys over 3000 USD will get 550,000 free DLIKE Tokens

Bonus Offers For Top Buyers

Not only first buyers bonus, Dlike offers a huge bonus for top buyers. In order to qualify for this bonus, the minimum Dlike tokens purchase has to be $10,000.

  • Top Buyer 1st will get 1,500,000 Free DLIKE Tokens
  • Top Buyer 2nd will get 1,000,000 Free DLIKE Tokens
  • Top Buyer 3rd will get 750,000 Free DLIKE Tokens

Everyone is welcome to buy Dlike tokens with STEEM and minimum buy amount is $25 USD. If you want to buy Dlike tokens with other cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH, please contact Dlike and minimum purchase amount with other cryptocurrencies is $1,000 USD.

How to buy Dlike Tokens on Steem Blockchain

To buy Dlike tokens
1. Send STEEM to @dliketokens
2. In memo enter your ETH wallet address where you want to receive tokens (This should not be an exchange address).

You will get your purchased Dlike tokens on your given ETH wallet address after 7 days of sales on 21st May, 2019.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this post. Hope you will find this useful.

Website: https://dlike.io
Whitepaper: Dlike Whitepaper

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