My First Week (and a bit) using the Brave Browser

My First Week (and a bit) using the Brave Browser

By RexyCrypto | Rexy Explores Crypto | 5 Oct 2020

So right off the bat (excuse the pun) I thought it was going to be one of those pieces of software from back in the day that bombed you with their own ads every 5 minutes.

I was very wrong and here is why.

Firstly, you do earn BAT (their reward token for viewing their ads), but you don’t just get bombarded with ads, you have to set the frequency in the browser settings. I set mine to 5 per hour, though I don’t even get that many in an hour, which is fine.

I really like the idea that I can use a browser that blocks ads and trackers, and go about my business while having the potential to earn a little something on the side.

If ads are not your thing, you can even just disable them completely, even the Brave ones.

Now I know that the Brave browser has been covered quite a bit, but I thought I’d pop my two cents in as well. 

There are no ads on YouTube, minimal ads on faucet sites and taking a look at the stats in the image below (one week remember) just shows you how much you are actually being tracked for your personal info and interests.

[Image is a screenshot of my screen as of writing this article.]


I won’t be putting my ref code here, if you have not tried the browser at least on your phone, give it a shot, seriously not changing browsers for a long time now.


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