The Sun Exchange - Investing in Renewable Energy with Bitcoin

By Suspect78 | Crypto and Thoughts | 14 May 2019


Wasted Time, Wasted Sun 


I like many others, am always looking for ways to grow my money - be it through investing,  appreciating assets, or diversifying my revenue streams. But the one area I have never found a good solution for wealth growth in, is, my crypto holdings.


Now, I’m not a pump-and-dumper or a day trader – I’m in this for the long haul. I believe in hodling and I believe that one day crypto will change how the world operates. But I’m also not lazy. And, if I am hodling, like fiat, those hodls should be working for me.


As it stand, of course, a wallet won’t pay interest and institutional banks certainly won’t (and many will shut down your account for transferring money to a crypto exchange). Which leaves us stuck with those scammy “investor” sites that promise anywhere between 2 and 2000% interest. I’m sure we’ve all seen them -flashy banner ads advertising astronomical growth and returns of up to 3BTC a day:











Some people may be more trusting than I am. But I use a cold wallet for a reason…. So trusting my crypto to a online hot wallet investment site? It’ll be Mt. Gox all over again. But this begs the question, how do I invest my crypto in a safe and reliable way?



A Solution


Enter The Sun Exchange.


The Sun Exchange is a South African company that aims to be “the Stock Market of electricity”. Their platform allows investors to purchase solar cells – the small squares that make up a solar panel – with Bitcoin, which the lessee than pays you interest on over a period of 20 years. The Sun Exchange handles vetting projects and manages the lease agreements and project installations while you – the investor – sit back and watch your return on investment grow.



What’s not to like? I can put money towards helping developing world businesses, schools and homes develop and implement green energy solutions in their communities while earning money back on my initial investment.



The Sun Exchange combines two of my passions with the positive outcome of helping those in developing nations!



Is it safe?


The Sun Exchange uses a fluctuating method of tracking project funding so that as the price of Bitcoin changes, the amount of funding received by a project goes up or down. In the event of over funding, orders placed last are refunded on an adjustable scale until exactly 100% of the project goal is met.





In addition, The Sun Exchange handles all project vetting and legal documents. There is no direct interaction between investors or Investees. For me, this removes the risk factor of scammers or other potential abuses – something that makes me more willing to spend my Bitcoin to invest.


And, in the event your campaign isn’t successfully funded, they refund all money back to you.


All money is handled through third party escrow accounts to protect the sensitive nature of the monetary transfers – much akin to buying a home.


This is more than any of those scam 2000% ROI sites can say!


And if all that wasn’t enough? The digital safeguards that The Sun Exchange puts in place, ensure that if payment is received, they are able to protect the investment and cancel service until payments resume.



What Else?


The Sun Exchange has also partnered with Solar Coin – a blockchain based rewards system, which rewards one Solarcoin per megawatt hour produced by your installed solar panels. SolarCoin operates with its own wallet - but can be traded for fiat or other coins on exchanges that accept SolarCoin.




So now, your lessees can earn, and maybe even you can earn just for being green! The genius behind this partnership, is that while income in developing nations may be low, if the benificiaries of that project can earn a stable income for generating electricity, they also have a method in which they can offset the cost of paying their lease over time. 


If anything, SolarCoin is a unique approach to distributing a digital currency. One that does not require computing power, beyond hosting a local wallet. And one where there is no competative mining.  


In the end….


My mind of course is running rampant with the possibilities here – between WePower and SunContract, which I talk about in my previous post – investors have a real chance to potentially grow their earnings in a safe and environmentally friendly way.




I can already see a huge blockchain energy market in the future – one where energy is bought and sold, and coins are earned and people are able to build wealth by using the sun. But what is most exciting to me, is that The Sun Exchange is something I WANT to invest in. It is a project that, enabled by crypto, allows my to break the idea of it being a speculative investment, and allows me to begin to recognize its true potential as a world changing technology. 


Are you with me? 






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