After One Week on Intermittent Fasting

After One Week on Intermittent Fasting



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Ten days ago I wrote Newly Researched Benefits of INTERMITTENT FASTING and explored some of the new research that indicates that Intermittent Fasting might actually help prolong your life.

Not only did I find this research intriguing, I felt that it made sense and was something that I wanted to try for myself. Two things make this protocol particularly potentially beneficial to me:

  • Number 1 - I'm a diabetic and am constantly on the search for ways to control my blood sugar without adding additional medications.
  • Number 2 - Like many people today, I'm not happy with my weight and am constantly fighting the "battle of the bulge"!






The premise of Intermittent Fasting is that you eat all of your day's food within a restricted window of six to eight hours. It takes a little bit of determining your lifestyle and schedule to find what window works for you.

In my case, being retired, I don't adhere to a daily work schedule and I'm a night owl by choice. I tend to stay up until the wee hours and then sleep late in the mornings. So the window that really works for me is to eat my first meal around noon and be completely finished with all eating by 6:00 pm in the evening.

Along with using this timetable, I'm making the effort to eat healthy foods since both blood sugar control and weight loss are my goals.

Obviously only one week on any new program is hardly a definitive criterion for results so this is indeed only my preliminary first impression. But I'm excited and encouraged so far!

As a diabetic, my target blood sugar is for the reading to be less than 125 for the morning fasting sample, which is tested by a blood sample from pricking my finger. In the recent past, my average has been 188, and my endocrinologist was less than pleased on my last visit on 12/18/19. This is partly what prompted me to be looking at alternative methods of control, rather than adding yet another medicine.

Here is a screenshot of my meter I took this morning after following Intermittent Fasting for 8 days. You'll see that my average BG (Blood Glucose) is 110 and for the week means I was 100% within my target range - not one single reading over the 125 benchmark!

good BS.jpg

As for weight loss, I had a 2.6 lb loss for the week. I've been following a diet program (Weight Watchers) for the past 11 weeks and my average weight loss for that time period has been .8 lb per week. So I was pretty pumped to finally get a larger loss for a change!

Another perk is that I have been sleeping better. The research said that is a possible benefit and I have found that to be true. Late-night snacking and going to bed on a full stomach really aren't conducive to good digestion or good sleep patterns.

In conclusion, I'm happy with this protocol so far and plan on continuing it for the foreseeable future.

If you have tried this, I'd be interested in hearing about your experiences!



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