Is Clinicoin Worth Its Weight?

By restmode | restlife | 20 Jun 2019

In my previous article on Clinicoin the wellness platform (, I’ve found that Clinicoin boasts itself to be a collaboration platform where people, providers, researchers, and developers can join together to bring the success of global health and wellness. Albeit sadly, Clinicoin seems like it is destined to become a money grab for the healthcare industry to further cattle drive people into healthcare debt. Clinicoin's platform seems to be designed for researchers and developers to test out their products on participating people, with not much benefit for the people.

Clinicoin's website states that it seeks to provide “organizations with simple, affordable, and innovative tools to achieve desired health outcomes in the digital age.” Seems to me like Clinicoin is not much focused on the welfare or healthcare of the people but for the welfare of researchers, developers, and organizations as well as themselves. I can see Clinicoin as another way for Employers to further push employees into doing what they want them to do to make and save more money for the company at the expense of the employer.


I wouldn't be surprised to see organizations decide to make it mandatory for their employees to register on Clinicoin just so they can track their health to get healthcare tax breaks or kickbacks for all of the employees that meet health goals and participate in various clinical trials, and studies and also a way for organizations to tell their employees that because they do not meet certain healthcare goals or do not meet the required number of trials and research study participation points that they will no longer be eligible to be covered under the companies health care insurance. Thus saving companies more money and leaving people with increased healthcare expenses.


Clinicoin has a rewards system of CLIN tokens which is nothing more than tokens that are to be spent in the Clinicoin marketplace to purchase “goods, and services”.  Clinicoin also sells the CLIN token giving the option to be bought with BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP, through a wallet, and with USD through wire transfer. I do not see people giving valuable time to participate in research, go to wellness classes, and check in with validators just to get CLIN token. There does not seem to be much incentive for people to go through all of the trouble of the Clinicoin platform just to earn CLIN token, when people can just exercise or participate in research on their own time and own terms for something that they would want like a personal health goal or maybe even participating in healthcare studies for currency that they can spend on something that they actually want, not some “enhanced experiences on the platform”.

I think Clinicoin is a great Platform for researchers and developers to be able to have a go-to site where participants are at their beck and call to test out products for them. I also see large companies benefitting from the platform by maybe getting kickbacks from the platform, as well as researchers, and developers for handing over their employees like herded cattle. Sadly, I do not see everyday people benefitting much from the platform but I  do see the great benefit for researchers and developers and hopefully, large employers will not use the platform for money making tactics like requiring employees to sign up and then penalizing them for negative results but this is what I see. How about you?


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