🔥 I also staked my AVA in Travala.com for a 24% APY!

🔥 I also staked my AVA in Travala.com for a 24% APY!

By resiliencia | resiliencia | 22 Nov 2020


Yesterday I was talking with @empoderat about rebalancing my portfolio to be prepared for the next Bullrun. We don't know when will happen but we are almost sure that it will happen eventually.

I am really happy that he told me about this GEM some months ago. I've seen him shilling this token since it was as low as 0,07$/0,08$.

I've been accumulating as much as I could, and yesterday I sold Bitcoin and got my long awaited 5k AVA again (I sold some in a previous pump). And I can tell you that when this shit pumps, pumps really hard.

This morning I saw a post by @trumpman explaining that he also joined the SMART 5 level, which locks your coins for 30 days and gives you back a 24% APY. Really good if you are planing to HOLD this bag for the bull run.

Here you have a table with all the levels and benefits:


One more member of the AVA cheerleaders

Here a snapshot of the current 5k AVA locked in for the SMART program.


I am so sure that this token will pump that my fear is that it pumps while I am locked in the 30 day period.
Realistically, if you take a look at the potential of the token, it will not reach their TOP in 30 days. It is something really really unlikely to happen.

If you want to learn more about AVA and Travala.com

I recommend you to take a look at this dashboard: https://travala-dashboard.com/

It is made by the twitter user @cryptonico31 and it shows a lot of the important information about the business.
You can see, historical revenue, daily bookings and token metrics really easy!

Enjoy! 😊



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