🔥 HIVE is HOT again! +30% in the last 24h

🔥 HIVE is HOT again! +30% in the last 24h

By resiliencia | resiliencia | 4 May 2020


What an amazing journey to be a HIVE investor and blogger. The last 24 hours the price of HIVE has increased more than 30% at this time. The volume is also increasing, in the last day the volume in Huobi is more than 30 milions and in Binance more than 20.

I was thinking that the price was going to remain stable at around 0,30$ or 0,35$ but it seems that the world has another plans. I have a small amount of HIVE that I am trading, but I have noticed that I am not good at that.

hive 30.JPG

The way to 1 BTC is going to be tough, this crypto world is not a highway, is more like a roallercoaster. Any time I miss an opportunity it feels like a disaster, and when I get some profit is really hard to sell. A lot of lessons learned from the 2017 bull run, hopefully I will not make the same mistakes if we ever live a new one.

The Cryptosphere is hot, the Bitcoin halving has made the media publish more news and we are getting more eyeballs each day. I think that at some point it is going to move the whole market up, we are gaining momentum.

The more I think about the fundamentals, the reasons why I am involved in crypto the more I think that I am right. We are right. Cryptocurrencies, and specially Bitcoin allow you to be trully the owner of your own assets, without any middleman confirming that what you have is legit, legal or whatever bullshit they have to approve.

You, and only you (If you have your keys) are the owner. Nobody can't take it from you. This is powerful. Cryptocurrencies are for money the same that Internet is for information. The power to the people, where always had to be.

Well, that is what I had to say today. Now I am going to do some exercice that is much needed!
Enjoy! 😊

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