lost bets. lost pets and the xrp conundrum/woeful wizard and the lost art of making money

With remote viewing ,money makes viewing difficult. Turns out ,trying to increase your own wallet by picking stocks or coin ,the brain hijacks the process and chooses the wrong outcome

My view on xrp is tainted because I truly want to buy a bunch of xrp and stellar and hold it regardless of any outcome

I don't have a gambling problem, I just don't make enough money to lose what i gamble.

When I view a coin or token ,its got to be completely blind .if even a little data is released on the coin ,my brain starts painting a rosy picture of money falling out of the sky,pies just growing on trees ,whiskey fountains and steak for breakfast

There is a way to view prices and see the gains but without help ,I am stuck

So since I cant do coin ,I have looked into sports betting. Turns out I don't know sports at all and I have no desire to learn

But .

I can see emotions, colors ,locations and do a pre during and post view to check all three.

all this data can be used by the better to make an informed decision on whatever sports bet he has

Adjustments can be made to look for particular aspects of the view. The only thing that is very hard is the numbers so the final actual number is very difficult due to the viewer not being able to see numbers very well.

Money can be made with a proper melding of a gambler and a viewer who is blind except for tasking  it would be so much better to have a 3rd person monitor so the target is completely blind to the viewer.


last money maker is lost pets.

An outbound with a most wanted person is easy and can be done any time or any where. The link to the target is hard to shake and once I get a hold of the target ,following the targets  activity ,future and past is ridiculously easy


Using the same technique 

Logically ,I should be able to see how pets got out of containment, where they have been ,where they are headed and future events if any.

the only aspect I really don't like is the traumatic kind. Currently i still have 2 open views that get harder for me to do just because of how and why the targets are deceased

I don't know if pets will be as emotionally charged or if I can make any money off finding them. 


I have to try everything and see what will work and what will break me


magus honestus scit valorem minimae creaturae nondum novit pretii pretium est


a decent wizard knows the value of the smallest creature yet knows the value is priceless.


If by chance, a gambler would like a shot at new data on a small bet

or a small well loved family member has disappeared,

drop me a message  at  screamingintothenight .com

I wont guarantee riches or a return of a friendly face ,but there is a possibility

that maybe ,just maybe 

all that's needed is a view .


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remote viewing/fun and adventure
remote viewing/fun and adventure

a short description of the fun i am having setting up a remote viewing company. the trials and troubles of a wannabe wizard and his unruly assistants

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