Tezos (XTZ) is Becoming a Powerhouse in NFTs & Blockchain Gaming

Tezos (XTZ) is Becoming a Powerhouse in NFTs & Blockchain Gaming

By Zacharias | RekTimes News | 15 Jan 2022

Tezos Expands Reach in NFTs and Blockchain Gaming 

1/12/2022: Tezos is a next generation smart contract platform that features a self-amending ledger, low transaction fees, and high network security. Tezos functions through its own native cryptocurrency tez (XTZ) which can be utilized for staking, to process transactions, and to power on-chain applications, marketplaces, and other protocols.

Tezos also utilized a Proof-of-Stake model which allows it to be a highly efficient, low energy cost blockchain. This has made the Tezos blockchain very appealing to more than a few of its notable partners.

Tezos has also become a hot market for artists, developers, gamers, and entrepreneurs. With brand new blockchain games, DAOs, and highly connected NFT exchanges filling out the Tezos ecosystem, metrics for the network have impressively expanded over the past year.

Tezos has officially reached the following metrics:

  • 1,900,000+ funded wallets
  • 40,000,000+ contract calls
  • 70,000,000+ transactions

Tezos cryptocurrency partnerships 2022 

Tezos Partnerships 2022

The following is the most notable Tezos partnerships the blockchain is carrying into 2022:

  • Red Bull Racing - It was recently announced that Red Bull Racing & parent partner Honda would be establishing a "technical partnership" with the Tezos blockchain. Red Bull Racing competes in Formula One - undoubtedly one of the most prestigious motorsports in the world.


  • The Gap, Inc - Major clothing retailer The Gap announced it is partnering with Tezos to launch its own NFT collections. The Gap owns and operates 3,100 stores that includes popular brands like Banana Republic and Old Navy.


  • Ubisoft Gaming - The major game developer Ubisoft announced it was utilizing Tezos to launch its in-game NFTs. This will be accomplished through the Ubisoft Quartz platform, something said to be Ubisoft's first steps toward a Tezos-based metaverse.

Ubisoft Chooses The Tezos Blockchain To Power In-Game NFTs Through The Launch Of The Ubisoft Quartz Platform (XTZ News)

  • McLaren Racing - Another motorsports racing organization -  McLaren Racing - announced a multi-year deal with the Tezos blockchain that also includes a sim racing game partnership. This further bolsters the strength Tezos has in the growing blockchain gaming industry.

McLaren Racing unveils multi-year Tezos deal, includes sim racing partnership (Esports Insider)

  • Société Générale - As the third largest bank in France, Société Générale manages over $20 billion in assets. The bank was tasked with experimenting with a central bank digital currency (CBDC) for France and has chosen the Tezos blockchain to host these experiments.

French Banking Giant Société Générale Issues The First Structured Product On The Tezos Blockchain (XTZ News)

  • New York Mets - Tezos and the Major League Baseball organization the New York Mets have inked an advertising partnership that has the Tezos blockchain as a main partner in CitiField.

Tezos Ecosystem Joins N.Y. Mets as New Advertising Partner (Tezos Insights & Updates / Medium.com)

Tezos XTZ NFTs and Blockchain Gaming 

Tezos NFT Markets & Blockchain Gaming

Arguably the most impressive pull for the Tezos blockchain is its impressive status as a major destination for blockchain gaming, NFT artists & marketplaces, and developers. With major players like Ubisoft now a part of the system and multiple blockchain games in development, Tezos has positioned itself as an industry leader in these categories.

Additionally, the blossoming NFT market on Tezos is equally impressive. Many major partners are in the process of developing and launching NFTs on Tezos as artists flock to major Tezos exchanges like OBJFT, Kalamint, Oneof, and integrated Ethereum-based NFT marketplace Rarible. There are also talks that OpenSea will have connectivity to Tezos as well.

Tezos cryptocurrency news and updates 


The Tezos blockchain has sound technical infrastructure and is already formulating impressive partnerships with leaders in many different industries, including the following:

  • Gaming & Esports
  • Retail 
  • Government
  • Motorsports
  • Music
  • Professional Sports

In the future, the Tezos ecosystem could secure a sizable percentage of the market share in both the NFT market and blockchain gaming market. It is important to note that both of these markets are in their infancy and will undoubtedly grow substantially in the years ahead.

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