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The Financial Freedom Part 3 - Choose Your Crypto Debit Card

By Teodor | Reitis Community Network | 13 Feb 2021

Crypto Debit Cards  

Here is a list of debit card providers who offer crypto and fiat currencies buy and sell possibility; the order is random. 

1. BITWALA, MasterCard, available in Europe, no monthly fee, no ATM withdrawal fee, no payment fee; they only apply regular MasterCard exchange rates for non-euro purchases; spendable assets: BTC and ETH. 

2. UPHOLD, MasterCard; available in USA, soon in Europe; $9.95 issuance fee; $2.50 per withdrawal ($3.50 international withdrawals); spendable assets: 27 fiat currencies, 30 crypto assets and 4 metals. 

3. COINBASE, VISA; Europe and probably USA; one time issuance fee of 4.95€; 3% international purchase transaction fee; spendable assets: BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, XRP, BAT, REP, ZRX, and XLM. 

4. WIREX, VISA; available in Europe and many other countries worldwide; 1.20€ monthly maintenance fee in Europe, no monthly fee in the rest of the world; 2.25€ ATM withdrawal fee; spendable assets; 18 different fiat and crypto assets.

5. MONOLITH, VISA; available in Europe and UK; no monthly fee; 1.50€ ATM withdrawal fee; 1% top-up fee; spendable assets: ETH, TKN, DAI, DGD, DGX, MKR, SAI and USDT; it looks like being decentralised, as there's no major company handling Monolith cards

6. PLUTUS, VISA; 3 levels of account: Starter, Premium and Pro, with different spending limits and fees; Europe: 9.99€ card order fee, no monthly fee afterwards (Premium and Pro have monthly fees but no order fee); 1.35€ + 1% per ATM withdrawal; 0.57€ + 1.5% per non euro transaction; spendable assets: BTC, ETH and PLU.

7. CRYPTERIUM, VISA; Europe; 14.99€ delivery fee; €3 + 1.6% fee per withdrawal; 2.99€ monthly service fee; 2.5% of transaction value for non-Euro purchases; 1.5% + 0.5% gas load fee; spendable assets: BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP, BCH, CRPT.

8. TRASTRA, VISA; Europe, 9€ order fee; 2.25€ fee per ATM withdrawal; 1.25€ monthly service fee; 3% of transaction value for non-Euro purchases; spendable assets: BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC and XRP.

9. BINANCE, VISA; Europe; 2 cards in one: a virtual one and a physical one; up to 0.9% transaction fee on both purchases and withdrawals; more that 150 crypto assets. 

10. CRYPTO.COM, VISA; US, Europe, Singapore; 5 different cards, each requiring a certain amount of CRO staked; $200 to $1000 monthly free ATM withdrawal limit (after that, 2% fee per withdrawal); no monthly maintenance fee; spendable assets; 7 fiat and 70 cryptocurrencies. 

11. SWIPE, VISA; Europe, Canada, US, Singapore and Australia; 2 cards: Saffron Orange and Slate Black (requires a 30000 SXP stake); no purchase, withdrawal, ordering or maintenance fee for either card; spendable assets: over 30 fiat and crypto assets. 

If you know others please let us know in comments section. Thank you.  


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