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The Coronavirus Dilemma, Work or Stay and Wait?

By Teodor | Circular Economy Projects | 17 Apr 2020

The Internet, social media and the TV are full of alarming news and FUD, and the manipulation is so successful that everyone is looking for solutions to an old problem that is triggered in a diabolical manner to create a scenario where some can impose laws and control the masses, as they intensely began when the twin towers of New York fell. 

Not too far from now, we'll see our freedom being further restricted, intimacy and privacy more violated. 

But one thing we must do, not to hibernate, and not to allow them weaken people financially, so that they can better control it. 

Don't stop working and being creative! If you have a project that fits wonderfully as an antidote to the crisis, continue to complete it. Even if it doesn't seem to be appropriate to this times, adjust it, adapt it, find good partners and go on! 

For many people blockchain social media can be vital and life saving project as it online and has no restrictions because of this news and real virus pandemic! Even the global economical crisis that is coming cannot stop proper online businesses to function! 

How social it can be? 

Maybe the answer is simple. We should start working together. We have been working in an individualist manner and here we are. History will repeat itself as long as we will make the same mistakes. Let's not repeat them. Let's be creative and work together for bringing in front of people sustainable and worthy common projects. Blockchain social media, cryptocurrencies and blockchain in general is the future of these type of projects created by people for people! 

Be strong, continue working, and have faith in God who gives us power and wisdom to overcome this hard times! 

Take care of yourself and your families and try to do everything to keep them active. 

Image source: free Pixabay license, Thinker by Rodin. 

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