Cryptocurrency exchange YoBit opened deposits and withdrawals for stablecoin USDT BEP20 Binance Smart Chain

By Bony2149 | Reineke | 10 Sep 2021

Cryptocurrency exchange YoBit  opened deposits and withdrawals for the stablecoin USDT BEP20 Binance Smart Chain.



But there has not yet been an official announcement of the opening of USDT BEP20 deposits in the exchange's twitter. But all the pages for the token already exist. Judging by them, the addresses are already available for deposits and withdrawals.




The cost of withdrawing USDT BEP20 from the exchange is 0.1 US dollars. For YoBit, this is a big step forward, since up to this point on the exchange there was no possibility of withdrawing stablecoins on any other blockchain except the ether one and the withdrawal of USDT ERC20 cost $ 5.


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