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By Rehan | rehan | 1 Oct 2020

If you are not active at this period of the time in the crypto sphere, be aware you are missing a lot! I literally mean it. Last couple of days there have been surge of several components in crypto, which is shaking the market in ways which were completely unexpected. I am referring to few incidents such as HIVE, LEO & UNI-swap,. There are several other projects making their moves but these few has more priority to me atm.



HIVE, HF is coming, presently dated at 6th, October 2020. Although the changes which will come into affect, might not be very much noticeable for normal users but at the dev's end, some features will allow tasks being done in a smooth way. The latest update from [Blocktrades]( will give some idea of what is actually happening atm. While as I was reading a post of @taskmaster4450 , [here]( I must say, a chill goes through the spine lol. HIVE is practically able to minimize cost and maximize efficiency in different circumstances.

I was thinking of exploring a little bit more, over at BLURT! Yeah, the chain that forked from Steem, which eventually added a fees for each and every trx. I have not started there yet but the fact that HIVE is fee-less (in terms of transactions) gives it a plus point even before when I start to compare them both. But at the same time it is good to have blockchain based social media apps, which will allow the users to decide where they are suited best or try them all and see for themself.

As so I heard, HIVE is a hub for developers to try out different ideas and implement them on the chain in easy terms. From what I think, we do lack in promoting the chain in to the people outside of our chain. Yes, this is a very big fact and needs to be dealt with. We have DAO funds and also assets which can be utilized in our favor for the chain. Supposedly, few entities will come up with good ideas in the future for sure.

HF is happening! At the least, something is happening and that is obviously a positive thing!

LEO is Exploding!!

Over the past couple of days LEO has been the talk of the town. It is impressive how LEO tribe has overcome all the hassle and is forging its path to glory. Among most of the tribes that we have seen, LEO has been the most successful one. Khal has done an impressive job over the time. Among all the tasks, some impressive ones are the circulating supply of the token and in addition to that how he is utilizing the fund in favor of purchasing the token off the market making

LEO token has vision. Khal and teh other members are commited to make those visions come to reality. The recent addition of LEO (WLEO) on Uniswap was a massive success. At current rate, according to UNI-Swap [info]( the trading pair of WLEO-ETH has a `liquidity pool of $317,211`, last 24 hours volume $30,299. It is a remarkable stand from my point of view. And even more surprising is the current price of LEO, let me share the chart with you all.



I suppose, the chart is pretty much enough to explain what is actually going on. The token that is built up on the very chain (HIVE), is now overtaking it, in terms of price. As I stated above various approaches are being made by LEO team, which is working in their favor. Simultaneously, the promotion of LEO is going on in full swing. TWITTER campaign of promoting LEO is also attracting crypto enthusiasts towards LEO in a way. And what I came through, if BINANCE/Bittrex adds WLEO in their exchange, this is going to a very big step forward to the tokenomics of LEO. Who knows the $2/LEO that we have been hearing might also come onto effect.

As an Investor

It is your prior duty to look into something before you dive in. And HIVE/LEO and or other HIVE projects (such as Splinterlands) does shows some promising future. Even though crypto market is an unpredictable market but based on the circumstances and activities, we might come into a conclusion for a certain project. I am in for HIVE and LEO. And I am for long term in both of them. My portfolio currently on HIVE blockchain consists of HIVE, LEO, DEC, NEOXAG along with other tokens.

Best thing for us is, if you can not invest money in LEO/HIVE you can be a content creator and share your thoughts via blog/VLOG and can earn both HIVE/LEO via posting. Believe me it is all worth your time as an investment. Many of the users in here have followed this path and earn a substantial amount of tokens via this process and even now they are continuing to do so.

These are all based on my speculations and not any kind of financial advice. DYOR!!

Images/footers used in the blog, are from (LEO & HIVE) blog & Discord

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