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Reflections - April 1, 2019

By kinchai | Reflections | 1 Apr 2019

Gospel of the day: John 4:43-54 

Monday in the 4th week of Lent


I believe.... In the gospel today, a royal officer went to Jesus with the hope of having his son healed. He was pressing Jesus to come with him so that Jesus can heal his son, but right there and then, Jesus told him that he should go home because his son is already healed, and with that, the officer left and went home to discover that Jesus indeed healed his son. 

What a wonderful thought that even without being physically present, Jesus can heal, He can perform miracles, way beyond our belief. So we know that if we just ask and believe, we can receive the miracle we are hoping for. It's really a beautiful idea that God's goodness is so abounding that if we just believe and put our faith in Him, He will do miracles in our lives, just like the royal officer, he believed and he got what he needed. 

Just like in our lives, Jesus was alive then, He is alive now and He is always beside us, always ready to give a helping hand, we just have to have faith and believe that He will fulfill our destiny. He will give us what we need and He will provide for us our hearts desires.. but one main ingredient is FAITH. We must believe so we can receive.


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