You Are Invited To The Elastos On Your 3-Year Anniversary Livestream & AMA!

Invitation: Elastos Is Celebrating Their 3rd Anniversary Today!

Elastos 3-Year Anniversary & AMA

In case you did not know, Elasto will be celebrating their 3rd anniversary today, and you are invited!

They will be hosting a long AMA formatted Live Stream on YouTube, which you will find embed in this post, if you do not see it, you can find the URL in the Resources section at the end of this post:  

If you have any questions you would like to ask, or simply want to wish them well wishes, you can do so here on Reddit: 

Now, if you are reading this and either have no idea what Elastos, or what it does, I will give a quick summary next, after I post their Price Chart:

Basically, Elastos is a three punch combo! 

First, Elastos is an Operating System (OS). Think Apple's Mac OS & IOS, Microsoft Windows, Google's Android & Chrome OS, Linux, Free BSD, Ubuntu ... you get the idea.

Secondly, Elastos is it's own Runtime Environment. Which is actually often confused with the OS, the two are very different. Think Microsoft's .NET, Android's Runtime (ART), the Zend Engine. PyPy, V8 & Node.js, Java Virtual Machine (JVM), etc.

Lastly, Elastos is its own internet, but public, thus not truly an intranet, but more like a version of the modern Internet!

In simple terms, Elastos is its own internet, which it powers thru the blockchain.

For those of you familiar with EOS, it's comparable. 

Now, EOS & Elastos sure sound and look alike!  

Let's take a look at these two on a price chart:

At it's core, Elastos are those three things, and the deeper you go, the more interesting it gets.

For more information, visit their website:

Here is the first thing you would see:

Build on the Modern Internet

  • ELASTOS BLOCKCHAIN: Hybrid AuxPoW/DPoS Consensus
  • ELASTOS ETH SIDECHAINS: Solidity Smart Contracts (DPos)
  • ELASTOS RUNTIME: Secure Platform for the Modern Internet
  • ELASTOS CARRIER: The Blockchain Powered Secure P2P Network

Into the rabbit hole we go!

Elastos Industries

Reddit: The Orchard Team will moderate a guest list including Rong Chen (Founder of Elastos), Clarence Liu (CR Regions and ETH Task Force Teams), Kiran Pachhai (Tuum Technologies), and Peter Strauss (Hyper).

Thanks for reading this post, maybe I will see you on the Livestream!

Livestream Time: August 20th 10PM UTC (6 pm EDT)

Congratulations Elastos!

Congratulations to the Elastos team as you/we/they celebrate the Elastos’ 3-Year Anniversary together!


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