Get You First FIO Address For FREE Now! @deardanielim

Getting You First FIO Address For FREE!

The Edge Wallet

If you have not already downloaded and installed the Edge Wallet on your phone, 

Look for it on your phone in your fave. App Store.

I've posted a step by step guide here:

If you have already downloaded and installed the Edge Wallet on your phone, you are ready to go!

This is pretty straight forward, just follow along, I will be posting multiple screenshots to help you see each step.

In case you do not have the Edge Wallet Mobile App already installed:

Get Free FIO Address in Edge Wallet Here:

Why the Edge Wallet?

Indeed, there are many wallets out there, but the Edge Wallet is one I recently downloaded, Installed and currently really like! This wallet has in built FIO Capabilities Enabled into the Wallet, for example:

  • FIO Address Registration

  • FIO Address Send and Receive

  • FIO Request Send and Receive

  • FIO Data With Send and Receive

  • FIO Domain Registration

Also, they are running a limited time promo, giving away free FIO Addresses, to each person with the Edge App.! 

Now, assuming you already have the Edge Wallet, 

You might have seen either this: 

Edge Wallet + FIO | deardanielim

Image #1 ... OR this: 

Edge Wallet + FIO | deardanielim

Or ... you just came from my previous post (Thank You!) about getting your first Mobile Wallet: 

Edge Wallet +FIO Address | deardanielim

👆 Image #3: Upon Tapping on the [Tap here reserve a free FIO Address on the @edge domain!] Announcement, you should see a new message saying "Hang Tight ...." as displayed in Image #3 above.

New Page Appears | deardanielim

☝️ Image #4 ... And in a few moments, new page should appear!

As you can see, I'm using Brave Browser, if you are not, you should, go download it, because it is better, safer and more secure than Chrome.* (More about that at the end of the post.)

profound@edge | deardanielim

👆 Screen #5: There are 2 options on this screen, and we shall focus on the first option. Namely to get a FIO Address, NOT a domain at this time.

Changing Profound to lowercase | deardanielim

☝️ Screen #6: Changing "Profound" to lowercase, just to prevent any confusion or problems by getting "profound" instead of "Profound". 

Edge Only Choice | deardanielim

👆 Screen #7: Notice you can only select "edge"? There are no other options.

Double Check Before Submit | deardanielim

☝️ Screen #8: I decided to get "profound" ... You may choose any address you wish, check to see if it is available, and when you are ready, and there are no problems, simply tap on the green [Register] button!

Pending: profound@edge | deardanielim

👆 Screen #9: [email protected] is now being Registered!

Now, we had to wait for a few mins. as the [email protected] FIO Address was being registered!

While awaiting confirmation and blockchain finality, there will be a countdown timer. 

You may opt. to wait, close that window, or leave it open and return to it later.

I did put my phone down and step away to stretch my legs.

When I returned, I saw this message ... 

profound@edge Registered! | deardanielim

☝️ Screen #10: Registration Successful!

I hope you have followed along successfully. 

All you had to do was take a look at the screenshots, replace "profound" with a name you prefer.

Let me know if you have any questions as I will be monitoring the comments for the first 24 hours after this post is published.

Congratulations, you got your first FIO Address on the Edge Mobile Wallet!


NOTE: This is a limited time offer!

Get your FREE FIO Address today!


If you have found this helpful, please leave a comment.

I'll be really grateful and encouraged to post more tutorials like this!

👇 By the way, you might also be interested in Earning Pi ( for FREE ) as well! 👇


FIO Wallet Domains | deardanielim

By the way, you can also Register a FIO Domain, like Edge did!

However, it will cost you ... around $40 USDC, each year, then you can create FIO Address with your Domain. 

If you are looking for Crypto Domains, why not get an Unstoppable Domain instead? Blockchain domains are Uncensorable!

Thank you for reading this, I love to hear your thoughts on the Edge Wallet & FIO Addresses.

Be on the look out for my upcoming post about the Brave Browser & BAT Tokens next week!

Next week, I plan to write a post focused on Brave and why I use it & why you should too.

Here's a preview: 

Mobile Brave | deardanielim

On Mobile: Brave has already saved me from more than 20,000 Trackers & Ads! Brave has already helped me to save more than 297 MB of Bandwidth and over 16 hours!

Desktop Brave | deardanielim

On Desktop: Here is an example of how many Trackers & Ads! Brave has already helped me to block this month, including 709.1 MB of Bandwidth and over 9.6 hours saved. 

Get Brave & Be Brave ... on Mobile, Desktop, Laptop, and anywhere else you can install it! (Including your TV's)

Be on the look out for my post about Brave next week!


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