Getting You First Mobile Wallet Today!

Get You First Mobile Wallet Today!

Getting You First Mobile Wallet

Get Your First Mobile Wallet For Your Cryptos | deardanielim

If you are are new to Crypto & Blockchain, ... getting you first Mobile Wallet can sometimes seem like a big step.

But it really isn't all that bad, compared to those who got into Crypto & the Blockchain, 10 years ago.

Since there are many great articles on What are Mobile Wallets & why you should use them.

Therefore, the purpose of this post is to simply get you started today!

And by the end, you should have your first Mobile Wallet!

Just take a deep breathe and follow along.

Trust me, it is all pretty straight forward, I will be posting multiple screenshots to help you see each step.

Let's Begin!

👉 Find the Edge Wallet App in your App Store.

👇 Install it and Open it to see the first screen!
Edge Wallet - First Screen | deardanielim

👆 While these images may look big on a desktop, but perfect if you are reading this on a mobile device, like your phone. I'll not resize them, for the benefit of those on mobile. 

Edge Wallet - Screen 2 | deardanielim

☝️ Screen #2: Read it and TAP the [Get Started] Button, when you are ready!

Edge Wallet - Screen 3 | deardanielim

👆 Screen #3: Select a unique username, enter it and see if it is available to already taken. My selected Username is "Profound"!

Edge Wallet Tutorial - Screen 4 | deardanielim

☝️ Screen # 4: Select a strong and unique password which is not easy to guess! Type it in twice, don't copy and paste! Once you have done that, and both passwords match ... TAP on the [Next] button.

Edge Wallet - Screen 5 | deardanielim

👆 Screen #5: Still stuck? As you can see, they have an internal check on your password to ensure it's as strong as possible.

Your Password must to have these basic requirements!

It must have at least 10 characters: Alphabets, Numbers, Symbols, etc.

It must have at least 1 uppercase letter

It must have at least 1 lowercase letter

It must have at least 1 number

As a bonus, I'll add a few symbols into your password for good measure! 

Why not make your password even stronger than that is minimally required?

I strongly recommend that you make your password more than 10 characters, with 12 or more upper and lowercase letters, and around 5 numbers, plus a few symbols into the mix.

Edge Wallet - Screen 6 | deardanielim

☝️ Screen #6: Good Job! Now, sit tight as the app will create a secure account for you.

Edge Wallet - Screen 7 | deardanielim

👆 Screen #7 After a few seconds OR mins, you should be greeted with this new display.

Go ahead and verify your New Account Information.

Make sure to write any and everything down.


Write it down, with paper, pencil or Ink.

Do NOT email any of this to yourself!

Do NOT save it on the cloud.

Keep it somewhere safe!

Keep it Secret & Safe!

Forgive me, I just HAD to add that to stress how important it is to KEEP IT SECRET.... & KEEP IT SAFE!

Edge Wallet - Screen 8 | deardanielim

☝️ Screen #8: On the next screen ... they have just a few more things you need to read, agree and consent to.

Take a look at the Quick Review, make sur you understand the terms, ... the seriousness and consequences of not keeping your account safe.

read it a couple of times if you must.

Then ... scroll down!

Confirm & Finish | deardanielim

👆 Screen #9: Once you have read, understood, and agreed to the Terms of Use. 

Go ahead and ...

Tap that [Confirm & Finish] button

Your First Wallet- Screen 10| deardanielim

☝️ Screen #10: Your new Mobile Wallet will begin to load for the first time, it should start blank and slowly populate with more and more information.

Edge Wallet Screen 11-still-loading | @deardanielim

👆 Screen #11: Still Loading, it should look something like this ... 

Edge Wallet Screen 12-Fully Loaded | @deardanielim

☝️ Screen #12: Finished Loading!

Congratulations, you NOW have your First Mobile Wallet!


Now what?


If you are wondering, ... now that you have a Mobile Wallet, ... what's next?

Getting your Free FIO Addresses!

This must be a limited time offer! (Get your Free FIO Addresses)

I wish to draw your attention to this ... 

FIO Wallet Promo | deardanielim

☝️ In case you did not notice ... or have no idea what is an FIO Address or why it matters ...

AND ... in case you did not see this when you were exploring your New Edge Mobile Wallet ...

FIO Wallet Promo PopUp | deardanielim

☝️ FIO Wallet Promo: For me, this appeared as I scrolled down to the bottom and it suddenly appeared!

I've posted a step by step guide here to getting your FREE FIO Address for your Edge Wallet:

Thank you so very much for reading this post all the way to the end.

If you have found this helpful, please leave a comment. I'll be really grateful and encouraged to post more tutorials like this!

You might also be interested in earning Pi (for FREE) as well. 

What is Pi? :


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