The MCO Card and why now is the best time to sign up

The MCO Card and why now is the best time to sign up

With the recent crashing of the crypto market, prices of coins have been reeling for the past several days. With record low prices many people have been making the attempt of buying coins at all time lows to seek a profit. With all this being said it has been my surprise that very few people have realized the potential opportunity behind signing up for the MCO card.


The MCO card is a crypto card that allows individuals to store their currencies on its mobile app and then spend that amount in person. In addition to the transaction of currencies being its main purpose, the card also comes with several other bonuses


- Digitally spending the currencies on a VISA card

- Earning interest on stored crypto assets

- Convenient place to buy additional currencies through the phone app to the card

- Various extra rewards such as paid for Netflix and Spotify subscriptions

- up to 5% back on any purchases


Overall the MCO card is a great card that I would recommend to anyone regardless of the timing. However the reason why I am suggesting now above all other times to sign up involves the cards reward program and staking system.


Whenever any user signs up for the card through a referral link they are awarded 50$ in MCO coins. This is to say that the amount of coins you get is linked to there current value. If an MCO coin is worth 10$ then you would get 5 coins, if they are worth 5$ then you would get 10 coins. Given the current state of the market, now would be an opportune time to jump on this. As of the time of my writing, MCO Coins are roughly around 3$. In other words, you can get roughly 16.6 coins for signing up. While this would indeed be 50$ right now, as the coin increases in price it would go up significantly more as the market recovers and, as this is money that you were handed for free, it would be a profit regardless of wherever the current price landed at.


In addition to this referral bonus, it is also a good time to get on board with the card considering how MCO rewards higher levels of its card to individuals. Card holders are able to unlock better cards and equally more rewards by staking MCO. The more MCO you stake, the better cards you are able to apply for. However this process can be expensive as the higher tier cards can often require you to stake up to thousands of MCO tokens. As a result it is much easier right now to earn those higher tier cards than it would be otherwise as the price of the MCO coin is much lower compared to past months. In addition, once a person has staked their coins for a set amount of time they are free to withdraw their coins for any particular reason and keep the rewards afterwords.


If any of this seems like a great opportunity, and you also wouldn't mind helping me out in these trying times then please use my referral link to earn your 50$ bonus signup!


Thanks for reading


Crypto enthusiast and fan of all metal cards!

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