Redfishcoin Powered by Waves Platform

Redfishcoin Powered by Waves Platform

By Redfishcoin | Redfishcoin | 11 Mar 2019

Why Redfishcoin?

First, we must look on the history of why it was called Redfish anyway. It started on a small community in Steemit, a blogging site since 2016 where you can earn while blogging. Last May 2017, Redfish is a new official ranks for all new Steemians or new steemit users joined having 490 Steem Power holding and below.

Redfishcoin is came from the rank Redfish, It was created on Waves Platform to tokenized the community assets so everybody can join.

Asset ID : 5sU8dF7DyN7dKN4NiFTtVC5shqthSgTEuvKUu2iusyS2
Name : Redfishcoin
Symbol : REDFISH
Issuer : 3PQeT7ayanjvH4Ab5nRvxvJQqiGuWQRv34F
Reissuable : False
Decimals : 8
Supply : 1 Million



Redfishcoin was created last September 2017, with the goal of raising awareness of its community existence and our mission to give back monthly shares to our token holder, giving tips and rewards for simple task and serviced offered. We offer also project review, publication and articles of your project and promote for as low as 10 redfishcoin per article. It will be promoted on steemit and shares on facebook and Twitter.

You can Exchange Redfishcoin on WavesDEX and Nanu Exchange



  • Trade Redfishcoin to BTC/Waves/USD
    Now with $0.74 value of 0.273 Waves


Trade Redfish on Nanu Exchange

  • Trade Redfish with NNC/BTC/Waves
    Current value was about 0.00018 BTC, 63 NNC or 0.27 Waves

New Monthly Shares Offered

Since the start of Redfishcoin Campaign, Monthly shares was offered to give back dividend to the holders. Monthly shares was introduce last January 2018 and every contract will last for a year. Every year, new contract will be introduced so everyone can participate and also depend on what was the community was asking for growth.

2% Monthly Shares Activated

Now, You can earn 2% Monthly Shares by holding 20 Redfish in your wallet. It will be given every 25th day of the month.


20 Redfish holding, earn 2% monthly Shares
50 Redfish holding, earn 3% monthly Shares
100 Redfish holding, earn 3% monthly Shares & Rewards
500 Redfish holding, earn 5% monthly Shares & Rewards
1000 Redfish holding, earn 7% monthly Shares & Rewards
2000 Redfish holding, earn 7.5% monthly Shares & Rewards



Get Royalty Rewards

For additional rewards and for holding large numbers of Redfishcoin, MNW token was created to give more value to the Redfishcoin. MNW rewards were given to every 100 Redfish holding and above about $0.50 in value design to sell when you receive it and can be traded to waves.

Bitcoin Satoshis — for additional Royalty rewards to the Redfishcoin Holders. Only 100 Redfish holding and above can receive this as an additional rewards.

Random Waves Token — In some cases, Redfish Holders can receive a Waves token, newly introduced to the platform and airdrops to the holders.

So, Why Redfishcoin?

Redfishcoin is aiming to give back to the community. Give full control of your token, Give trust to the token to have a better future in value and share same Ideas in giving returns to the community. Since 2017 — We continue to give more and share more and expose more from our small community to a wider adoption.

We are hopefull for the submission of token qualification to bettertoken, to get approved and continue to spread awareness of Redfish vission and goal to share it to everybody and for long term effect of real asset distribution.

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A Waves token of Steemit Redfish Community giving rewards, tips for simple task and monthly shares. Visit us on


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