The top 10 list for Weekly sentiments on r/CryptoCurrency (Nov 22 - Nov 29)

The top 10 list for Weekly sentiments on r/CryptoCurrency (Nov 22 - Nov 29)


Weekly summary:

  • CRO is the most trending crypto for the last week on this sub.
  • BTC has lost its first spot to CRO, and has seen a downtrend in prices last week. But as of now, the market seems to be recovering slowly.
  • LRC is trending at 3rd spot with 28.33% rise in prices.
  • ETH has lost its 3rd spot to LRC and now trending at 4th spot.
  • ADA is trending at 5th spot but also it has seen a downtrend of 12.42% since last week. As of now, its also the coin in Top 10 with highest bearish sentiments.
  • ALGO is at 6th spot and a seeing a minor downtrend of 4.02%.
  • ONE is holding 7th spot since last week however it has seen another correction of 10% this week.
  • BAT is trending at 8th spot and sentiments are looking very bullish for it, it has also seen an spectacular rise of 58.01% since last week.
  • DOT has lost its spot to BAT and now trending at 9th spot. It has also seen a correction of 11.34% since last week
  • SAND is a new addition to the Top 10 list. With a rise of 77.83% in prices, it has made its way to the top of the sub's sentiments.

Word Cloud and N-grams WordCloud WordCloud of r/CryptoCurrency   bc7a98335786e61fe25d4ccadf44aad6b65d8516deab20fa03bbf67c9fec29bf.png Unigram Frequency 372a87a5fb4ffeb5468a60c28baac0a35cef272402b33cc4c830ac6b28a6ec09.png Bigram Frequency       e6a8477396696bb4807e3ca65cafdd64cf94e7c5a3f71dac90439c768519e450.png Trigram Frequency
Low Cap Radar: Dfyn network (DFYN) is a multi-chain automated market maker(AMM) and DEX that currently is deployed on Polygon network. Dfyn AMM's are instant and provide gasless transactions on L2 protocol. DFYN also plugs into Router's cross-chain liquidity protocol to take advantage of liquidity across chains. DFYN is planning on supporting BSC, HEC, AVAX, DOT, ALGO and other blockchains in near future. DFYN is currently trading at price of ~$0.48 with a total circulating supply of 42,707,208 and total supply of 249,599,325. The current market cap of DFYN is $20,428,033 according to coingecko, a TVL ratio of 0.19.

As it goes for any project, invest with caution and DYOR.

Technical: How to read the table:

  • The rank represents the times the crypto was mentioned in this sub.
  • The values on bearish and bullish columns are the ratio of bullish or bearish comments to how many times the coin was mentioned.
  • Reliability index is percentage of strongest sentiment (except neutral) with respect to all sentiments in the comments and averaged over all the comments. It can also be seen as average sentiment distribution (per comment) for the coin.
  • Change 7D (%) is the percentage change in the price of the cryptocurrency in last 7 days.

Methodology: For Sentiment Analysis:

  • Data collection for sentiments (comments) are performed everyday at 12PM UTC -8:00.
  • The comments with less than 6 words are not included in the analysis anymore as many research papers argue them to be low quality sentiments.
  • Another filter that is applied that a post or comment should at least have 2 or more upvotes to be included in analysis for this table.
  • For this analysis, only one mention of a coin/token per user is considered.

For WordCloud and n-gram:

  • A word cloud (aka a tag cloud) is a visual representation of words in a picture format. These representations are used to highlight popular words based on frequency and relevance.
  • An N-gram means a sequence of N words. For example, for 1-gram or unigram, we consider the frequently occurring single words, for 2-gram or bigram, a sequence of two words and similarly a 3-gram or trigram a sequence of 3 words. They are basically a set of co-occurring words within a given text or in this case, this subreddit.
  • For the wordcloud and n-gram analysis, all the comments (without any filters) are collected and popular stop words are removed using (nltk module for python).
  • N-gram analysis is performed using WordNetLemmatizer from nltk module for python.

Disclaimer: This post should not be taken as a financial, legal or investment advice. If you are interested in seeing a vanilla mentions chart (without any filters), you can also check or

Disclosure: These websites are not build or maintained by OP

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