Brave and Presearch combo

How to set Presearch as the default search engine on the mobile version of Brave

By Redev | redblog | 7 May 2021

What is Presearch

According to their website, Presearch is a "decentralized search engine to search privately and receive better results powered by blockchain technology". Basically, they pay you 0.12 PRE (their token) per search and it's a feature that goes well in hand with Brave's BAT and the Swash extension, the holy trinity of free long-term crypto.

How to use Presearch with Brave

It's very easy to set Presearch as the default search engine on a PC, you just need to install the extension or visit brave://settings/ and change it in the search engine section, but when we try to do it on Brave mobile we discover that there is a limited list of options and no way to add one!

options photoBy reading the community forum, we discover that to add a search engine to the list you just need to visit it, but doing so still isn't helping. The solution is to go on instead of just and search for something, now the new option will appear on the settings page.

options photo with presearch

Once you finish, don't forget to log in to your account and start earning your sweet tokens!

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