Will Swash be the next Brave? Does being a browser extension allow it to reach more users?

What the heck is a Digital Union? - Swash Browser Extension (Beta) - Earn Crypto for your Data - Making money Surfing the Web

By Red State Blues | Red State Blues | 7 Mar 2021

Like many of you, I made the switch the Brave a while ago. I stated that in addition to the technical superiority, the ideology behind reclaiming ownership of your data and consenting to its sale is a powerful idea that I can see catching on rapidly in the near future. 

Swash (Check it out here!) is a browser extension that allows you to review the data that has been collected from you online and choose whether or not to sell that information.

In addition to this handy service, it also helps protect your personal data with Text Masking which allows you define certain terms or phrases that should be protect online. 

Text Masking Allows You to Protect Certain Words or Terms Online


Additionally, users can set the amount of time they have to review data before it goes to the Streamr Marketplace. Users can decide which information about them they wish to sell and which they would prefer to keep private. 

Users can monitor the data collected on them


Swash is on a mission to democratize and decentralize data collection online. Consumers deserve to have a word in what is being tracked, and they certainly deserve to be compensated. I always go out of my way to support these types of ventures, as I would like to see this concept grow and succeed. Swash utilized the Ocean Protocol and has a highly ambitious team with big plans for the future.

Projects Using Ocean Protocol

The recently announced a partnership with Boson Protocols and that they have reached 10,000 users, so get in while it's still in Beta and start earning before everyone else! If you feel the same, give the Swash browser extension a try and join the Digital Union! Sign-up Here:



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