Presearch could be right behind BAT due time. Hop on before it passes you by!

Presearch, BAT, and the Data Privacy Revolution - #SearchwithPresearch

By Red State Blues | Red State Blues | 18 Mar 2021

BAT has one of the most vocal and supportive base of users out there. Each community where BAT enthusiast gather, they discuss the merits, ideological, economic, and technology, and how BAT has furthered their goals in each. BAT feeds an entire ecosystem on Brave and the concept is a powerful one in supporting users to reclaim the value of their data and attention and be properly compensated in return. It's an exciting concept and that excitement and genuine enthusiasm has fueled eye raising organic growth for Brave. While Brave is properly getting its time in the sun as BAT breaks $1 and continues to rise, but Presearch should not be ignored either. 

Will PRE take off on the heels of BAT's success?

Brave is just one part of the solution, and even if it achieves market dominance immediately, the missing piece of the puzzle is being compensated for your searches. If all else remained the same, you would still be giving your data away to Google to turn around and sell to the highest bidder, Presearch, however, solves this issue, by offering superior search results and rewarding you with PRE tokens for each search. If your search does not have the desired results, you can easily switch to Google, Duck Duck Go, and various other search engines. By simply giving Presearch first crack at your search results, you will be compensated with a token that is sure to rise as adoption continues. Presearch's simple integration with Brave makes it a no-brainer to try out. 


If you are an enthusiast for the income movement, or just a hobbyist exploring potential sources for passive income, I cannot recommend Presearch highly enough! Sign-up here: 

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That's not where the benefits of Presearch ends, if you are a marketing/ advertising professional or a business owner looking to connect with tech savvy first adopters, Presearch's Keyword Staking is for you. SEO changed everything for online marketing and Google has long reined supreme. The cost for keywords on Google can get incredibly expensive. Presearch however, allows users to stake their PRE tokens in order to claim keywords. You can choose to have this connect to a link, website, or your content, or you can use it promote your business. In my household, Presearch has become an excellent marketing tool for my partner's business, allowing her to reach many new clients. 

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