The Fee Revolution is Upon Us!

Crypto Wallets Reviews - KuCoin, ShapeShift, LVL, and More! - Sign-up Bonuses!

By Red State Blues | Red State Blues | 6 Apr 2021


  • ShapeShift - has certainly caught my attention lately, utilizing an in-house token (FOX) to cover all transaction fees. 10 Fox tokens are worth about $1.48 as of 4/5/2021, yet they would cover $148 in transaction fees, effectively making ShapeShift free in terms of fees. 

LVL, like the others, formed its business around combatting fees in crypto investing

  • LVL - at first glance looks like a typical, albeit slickly designed, wallet app, yet it has brilliantly simplified complex tools and crypto buying strategies that were once only available to professionals or the highly savvy, to the mass market. LVL makes Yield Farming and Dollar Cost Averaging easy for casual crypto-investors. 

KuCoin has the most versatile and approachable tools on the market for wide use

  • KuCoin - similarly to LVL, KuCoin has brought advanced tools to casual crypto-investors. 
    • KuCoin is a much more established brand and supports an incredibly wide range of cryptocurrencies. While in my opinion it is not as well designed or user friendly as LVL or ShapeShift, it certainly makes up for it with versatility and customization options such as creating your own bot to fulfill a trading strategy of your choice. 
    • In addition to the bot feature, KuCoin has a variety of options for Staking, Crypto Lending, and many other features you will need to check out for yourself! 
    • Sign up for KuCoin here: 

Swan strips down crypto trading to the essentials of BTC investing. Tell your parents!

  • StudentCoin - This is my obligatory plug, but nonetheless StudentCoin very recently launched its own wallet app and is rapidly scaling up. I can’t speak highly enough of the project team’s success so far and my optimism for what lies ahead. I have written about StudentCoin at length on PublishOx, but suffice to say I am a true believer in this project and think its success will be a massive boost to the industry overall. StudentCoin has smashed all fundraising goals and continues to increase in value while adding fun, cool, and innovative new functions at a breakneck pace. Buy in and join the hype train! 

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