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Let's Talk StudentCoin - "The Most Awaited ICO of The Year"

By Red State Blues | Red State Blues | 3 Mar 2021

StudentCoin has a lot of buzz, what's it all about?

As I write this, StudentCoin is in Phase 42 of its Launchpad and appears by all measures to be cruising to a successful ICO. There is a lot to discuss when it comes to StudentCoin as the project's scope is broad and plans are ambitious. StudentCoin aims to be the first wide market platform that allows average consumers to completely customize, design, create, and manage personal, corporate, institutional, organization-specific, NFT, and DeFi tokens. 

Universities are a ripe market for tokenization

Aiding StudentCoin's mission to bring tokens to the masses, in my opinion, is the integration with Coinbase Commerce. Coinbase is the first point of entry for many and its simple UI makes it very easy for new investors to trust, and more importantly, they feel confident buying StudentCoin. Coinbase projects the image of a walled garden to their customers new to crypto. In many ways this is a good thing, it protects them from seedier parts of the industry, fraught with scams and cons, but the downside of that is that some promising projects die on the vine if they do not have a major exchange vouch for them in this way. I believe the value of this integration cannot be understated. 

Bringing tokens to the masses

If StudentCoin is successful, it could have the market-wide impact of introducing a massive number of new investors and entrepreneurs (students) to the crypto-world, while also having the institutional backing, security, and support of university partners. It's only a matter of time until hyper-tokenization sets in and the gold rush truly starts. Predictably there will be many scams and pitfalls in the process, there will be televangelists and grifters launching their own products and highly visible media stories exposing them. Despite this, there are very practical reasons for an institution such as a university to introduce their own tokens to their communities and the credibility of a university organization as the issuing body for the tokens will spare them the backlash some of the sketchier issuers will face. 

Who will be the first startups powered by StudentCoin to break through?

StudentCoin's platform will allow widespread tokenization on college campuses, giving students groups and organizations brand new tools to fundraise and manage their organizations. This adoption in Universities will foster innovation, entrepreneurship, and rapid development on the StudentCoin platform. By the time StudentCoin enabled tokens become commonplace on college campuses, there will already be startups and commerce on a world-scale taking place on the platform, and that will give StudentCoin the dissemination it needs to graduate and become Everyone'sCoin! After it gets let loose, with experienced entrepreneurs behind the helms of StudentCoin powered token ventures around the world, it's anyone's guess where this thing could end up! 

The potential for StudentCoin is off the charts, I can't wait to see where it goes!

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Red State Blues

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Red State Blues
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