The Post With The Most Dislikes!

By stbrians | Recite Into Insights | 12 Dec 2022

The Guinness Book Of Records

To enter into The Guinness Book Of World Records one ought to set a world achievement or be in the extremes.  Either way you will set a record. In all our writings, posts and articles,  we often seek to have the best of everything.  Maybe we seek The most popular post, the most commented or most followed post. This is a good idea though at times we need to have extremes.  Though we may not enter the Guinness Book of world records but you may enter the Publishox Book of Records. 

The Most Disliked Post. 

Now, I do not know what one can do to have the most disliked post.  Should I write it in the worst language I can foster or do I mix adjectives with adverbs and verbs? Should I make great typos that a reader sees and is compelled to give a dislike?  Or,  are dislikes triggered by the topic you choose? 

No,  I want to give even those who have not given a dislike get the opportunity.  This is my call for you all to come and give your dislikes. 


Calling For Dislikes

Kindly spread the word around that there is a post thirsting for dislikes.  Supposing this post alone garners about 1000 dislikes?  I think the thirst will be quenched and the Hunger for dislikes will be satisfied.  The fingers of dislikers are twitching with anticipation.  Their hearts are throbbing pulsatingly  in their ribcages begging for more dislikes to be given.  Alas,  this sounds good.  Come on and hit the button so hard.  Make me a hero of the extremes.  I will come out as the writer who produced the post with more dislikes. 


Search Engines will be galore for the great post.  It will pull crowds.  It will be flashed in the media and all social media.  No wonder The Guinness Book of world records  might get a glimpse of the post.  If you cannot beat them then join them. 


Will The Post Be Pulled  Down By The Administration? 

Most likely that fate might befall the post this cutting down its popularity.  Nobody wants to be identified with losers.  We need to be more identified with winners. Yet some shortcomings of people made them heroes. So, I beg them, should this post get many dislikes,  they leave it on. 

The tallness of Joseph of Arimathea made him carry the cross of Jesus and he became famous. 


Weaknesses are no sin. 

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Recite Into Insights

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