Do You Ever Dream Of Being Among The List Of The Ten Richest People In The World By 2023?

By stbrians | Recite Into Insights | 9 Dec 2022

The Richest Person In The World By 2023.

Keep on guessing but I won't allow you to guess for long.  This person is none other than Elon Musk. He is the guru behind Tessla motors and of lately has acquired twitter.


Now it is not impossible to join the list or it is?  The price of Bitcoin today is about $17,234.20. If you buy about 1000 Bitcoin today,  you will be worth $17,234,200 but if Bitcoin will survive the price and in 2023 it reaches $100,000 then you multiply by 1000 to get $100,000,000. You will find yourself among the 10 richest persons in the world. In fact you will be standing at 7th position. 


It is not a bad dream though.  Yet,  where will you get $17,234,200 to start of?  Now about Bitcoin prediction 2023. Bitcoin will surely rise in price but will it reach $100k? Time will surely tell. 



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Recite Into Insights

Let me put here what I can not put anywhere else. Am pregnant with anticipation. I want to deliver a bouncing baby Post.

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