A stunning healthy Mayonnese

A stunning healthy Mayonnese

Hi my friends, 

How many times you start to cook some fish or french fries and you forgot to buy mayonnese.

Here I write you down a fast and easy way to do it. The results will be unbelievable.

The taste will be very light and the mayonnese will be super healthy without any conservant ....... but you will have to eat right away don't keep that long



2 eggs

0.25 lt of peanut oil

A bit of salt

Half Lemon


A blender or you can do by hand. 

Start from breaking the two eggs, you will use 1 full egg and one red only.

196ce5a7950212148f3b804da8ade2c9181bd2bf55c46fc7ff32040568b9962c.jpegPut eggs in the blender and start mixing with a bit of salt. Add slowly the oil and a bit salt and continue to mix untill it will become a ball. you will add half lemon and continue mixing and that's set





9829bd1e096a3397b2302d13dcf906433f4bf23caf5922f531cea8644b672fb5.jpeg677f72335d7c04dd1a03b4207bc6b34a4158f6c323ff809bbdc9ac9f2c947176.jpeg48ec145ee22df781cf2e86acd125b9e161f485cc119d1aee5a3be53ca9677902.jpeg28810f6ad763a68190cb1172aa08500412faa505743edab5d1e1b9b9959c679e.jpegEnjoy your mayonnese


It will be extremely delicate, after you do a couple of times you will more or less ingredients depends on your tastes, someone add also a bit of winegar, as you like.

Have a great day 


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