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Why Government Is Not a Solution for Sustainable Development

Why Government Is Not A Sustainable Solution

And what is the most viable solution for sustainable human growth and development?

Government assistance to who exactlyGovernment will most likely always be a necessary social construct. While there will always be those fiercely independent types who elect to live as far away from governmental authority and control as possible, there will likewise and conversely be those who prefer living under the illusion of freedom in order to remain relatively safe.

Indeed, the very term “Politically Correct” is a reference to the demands of a great many members of society to have the government control what people may or may not say and even what they may or may not legally think or believe.

While both of these sides may be on the outer fringes and extremes of society, the fact remains that government is among us, and whether or not we care about politics, politics cares about us … but that does make government the best option for the future of sustainable human growth and development?

First and foremost, it should be noted that this article is not intended to be an argument for or against government. As was briefly noted above, government is here and is likely here to stay. Any argument above and beyond that is pointless.

The question is whether or not the people can rely on the government to establish and maintain standards for sustainable development … primarily in the realm of Sustainable Human Growth and Development that benefits the vast majority of the population of the world while at the same time protecting the environment in which we all must survive.

There are some people who honestly believe that the only way that humanity will ever progress to a sustainable means of living, is through government intervention. While it may be true that government is the only one who has the power (and some would claim both for and against government having the lawful authority) to regulate and mandate human interaction, does this mean that it is the only or even most prudent source of sustainable development?

For a brief overview, a cursory examination of the US government will be undertaken herein.

Mind you, this is because more people seek to move to America than anywhere else in the world, in order to take part in the American Dream, so it must be good right?

Looking at the government record on Economic Theory, would the known history and record of the US government speak for or against economic security and economic and financial sustainability?

For the past four decades more or less, the government has routinely spent more money than it has taken in from taxes. Granted, the fractional banking and the fiat currency systems allow the government to function in a different financial and economic manner than virtually any household or corporation.

Still, a consistent history of spending much more than one takes in does not bode well for economic or financial stability. The current level of approved debt for the US government, and subsequently the taxpayers, is more than twenty trillion US dollars.

Add in the vast quantities of unfunded liabilities that lead to substantially more than one hundred trillion dollars in debt, and it is difficult to imagine that the government is going to be the epitome of economic and financial stability even for itself, much less for controlling the global markets and growth.

In fact, without some change, we will soon, within this century, reach a point where the entire wealth creation of the nation will not cover even the interest on the amount of the debt of the US government.

Thus, it seems relatively safe to presume that at the end of the day, it is probably not going to be a good idea to depend on government to establish and maintain viable economic and financially sustainable systems here.

A united voice of the people is necessary for any real reform

The US government however, has seen vast improvements of its regulation of environmental issues.

Even without the Paris Accord or a binding Kyoto Protocol, the US has exceeded all other nations in the reduction of Carbon Dioxide put forth into the atmosphere unchecked. The amount of pollution produced per barrel of oil consumed in the US is the lowest anywhere in the world.

Maybe it would be okay if the US government were obligated to regulate the efforts concerning environmental sustainability?

Or would it?

In the nineteen forties, nobody knew what the environmental reaction would be when the first nuclear bombs were set off. In fact, there were some scientists who feared that the relatively minor nuclear reactions would start a chain event that would see all of the atoms around the world reacting similarly, resulting in a very short, violent destruction of the entire planet in a light show that would rival that of the charged plasma emissions of the sun.

Fortunately, the government was right to proceed in that case and as is evidenced by the continued presence of humanity, the world was not destroyed completely … only made “safer” through “Mutually Assured Destruction” or “MAD”.

The same was true with the Super Collider where despite unknown quantities, the project proceeded as planned, in hopes that it would not be as destructive as some scientists had feared. Again, fortunately, to date at least, they have been lucky … but what happens the one time they guess wrong?

Furthermore, we have ample evidence that the US government has been working on weather manipulation as a means to weaponize it since at least the years during the Vietnam War. Despite the claims of YouTube and Google that such talk is crazy conspiracy theory and untrue … or even fake news, the evidence is very well documented … ironically … easily found in a simple search on Google.

HAARP is another well-known government program, and while ostensibly shut down in 2012 and turned over to the University of Alaska, the entire facility remains in place, performing the same functions as it did before … in short, for all intents and purposes, it seems to be business as usual for trying to screw with the environment just to see what happens.

This should collectively serve as a good indicator that government cannot be trusted to establish truly sustainable environmental development.

The Moynihan Report along with a great many other studies have shown empirically that the current taxpayer funded “social assistance programs” are in fact, destroying the nuclear family unit and creating a dependency class among the general populace … at least among certain portions of the general populace.

This is especially true among the more impoverished sections of society … in short, those who are most in need of meaningful assistance, and not being relegated to sitting at the foot of the table waiting for whatever crumbs may be tossed their way, and relegated to voting for whoever claims to be willing to hand them the largest volume of crumbs.

In short, it is up to Private Industry and Private Citizens to create and implement the requisite changes for Systemically Sustainable Human Growth and Development.

Unfortunately, private industry is often in bed with the very same government that is very selectively and even arbitrarily enforcing any real concerns and issues regarding sustainability.

However, since Private Industry is often in bed with big government, that is all the more reason that a system of Incorporated Foundations must be introduced, and the voice given back to we the people, who at the end of the day, are the only ones who are going to make any real progress with Whole System Sustainable Human Growth and Development.

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I am an author with nearly fifty years of published writing, though most of my writing in the past 20 years has been for governments, non-governmental agencies, and other groups working towards sustainable development in a more meaningful fashion.

Realistic Approaches to Sustainable Development
Realistic Approaches to Sustainable Development

Sustainability has become little more than a catch phrase these days, designed to be used as a marketing tool to increase sales. Corporate Social Responsibility has become a means to fund radical ideologies ripping the fibers from our social fabric and sowing discord and social unrest. Meanwhile, our self-professed leaders have dropped any pretense of being public servants, and merely seek to promote their corporate donors while largely ignoring the will of the people. Welcome to the brave new world!

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