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Modern advertising platforms cannot boast flexibility and unique opportunities for their customers. There are too many problems - most services do not allow ad campaigns to be carried out properly, taking into account the interests of users or cannot guarantee full security. But the decentralized YOUengine platform was created to radically change the existing layout.

What is YOUengine network?

An ecosystem where advertisers can carry out the most effective advertising campaigns. Their ads will be placed on the platform and on sites that are fully consistent with their subject matter. This approach allows you to attract the target audience exclusively to each project. The user can choose whether he is interested in a category or campaign, saving money and reducing the number of unnecessary advertisements.

For whom is the platform relevant?

For brands, publishers, and marketers who want accurate and reliable data about user participation. They will be able to track user activity to adjust ad campaigns based on the data received. For consumers who want to get the content they are looking for without being harassed with unsolicited advertisements, they are valued for giving their preference.


Brands and businesses open accounts and fund with cash tokens. After logging into the platform, they can use the power of the YOU engine to target more than 4 billion users globally. Whether they want to reach 10 people or 10 million people worldwide, YOUengine provides real-time advertising targeting and delivery for industry-leading ROI. Plus, it can execute attractive 'airdrops' for instant merchandise or drop tokens that can be geo-tagged and sent via the YOUgo mobile game.


The user downloads the APPLICATION, creates an account, goes through the registration process which includes proof of identity and up to 400 opt-in profile data fields, for example, date of birth, relationship status, location, profession, closeness, and preferences such as luxury cars, sports, films, fashion, food, and more. Users are given an incentive with three levels of data entry. The more data they enter, the more money they make per view. Finally, users get a fair share and get paid for their data with every ad they watch.



Introducing breakthrough mobile applications where users watch advertisements and make money, and more. YOUapp has four interfaces in one amazing application.

General Token Information
  • Token Name: YOUcash
  • Ticker Symbol: YOUC
  • Token Standart: Etherum (ERC20)
  • Total Coins: 11 Billion (
  • Base Price: 1 YOUC = USD $ 0.10
Percentage Token Distribution
  • ICO: 27.273 %
  • Team/Founders: 27.273 %
  • Limited IEOs: 18.182%
  • Reserve Fund: 9.0910%
  • Airdrop: 9.0910% (20 years)
  • Private Sale: 9.0910%
  • Private Sale
  • IEOs
  • ICO
  • Reserve Fund
  • Prtnrs/Team/Mktg/Legal
  • Airdrop
  • Soft cap - 20.000.000 USD
  • Hard cap - 50.000.000 USD
Coin Distribution Timeline
  • 1 Dec 2019 start Private Sale
  • 29 Apr 2020 Private Sale closed
  • 30 Apr 2020 start TOP exchange IEOs
  • 14 Sep 2020 IEOs closed
  • 15 Sep 2020 Start first five Listings
  • 14 Dec 2020 First five Listings Done

Press release. 

Finanzen. Net

Modern projects are being created to show users all the features of the blockchain technology, as well as smart contracts. Indeed, thanks to the introduction of such innovations, people can take whatever action is needed safely and quickly. YOUengine is an example of a scenario where changes can occur at the scale of development.

The level of transparency with YOUengine can help solve old problems of social distrust that we have on social networks.

Web |Youtube | Telegram group | Telegram channel | Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn | Reddit | Airdrop | ANN

YOUC token IEO/listing approved on P2PB2BLatoken and more IEOs/listings are coming. MVP will be released in mid of May, 2020!

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