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Aureus Nummus

12 May 2020 3 minute read 0 comments RAY shinata

GOLD HISTORY Around 5000 BC ago, Gold was one of the first metals used by humans (this report was obtained from research conducted by Archeology). In 1803 in the United States, the first registered gold weighing 7.8 kg was discovered. Gold is usuall...


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Modern advertising platforms cannot boast flexibility and unique opportunities for their customers. There are too many problems - most services do not allow ad campaigns to be carried out properly, taking into account the interests of users or cannot...

Bitcurate network analytical level trading tool, as well as innovative!

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At present, investing in promising projects can significantly increase equity, but there are too few platforms that allow you to act very efficiently and safely. This is especially true for the cryptocurrency segment - developers of the decentrali... for all people!

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At present, certain traders and miners are very popular services, but in this segment there are too many pressing problems. Transaction security in this case is a key factor - however, quite important data is sometimes used in exchange. The existing...

Koinpro(KOI) Built for everyone

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Modern people are accustomed to working with financial instruments, which are distinguished by their simplicity, security and broad functions. At the same time, no one wants to lose time when paying for standard trading, as well as services. There ar...

New !!!, work on soon, limited edition !!! market on Bitforex free 1250 FZI, 250 / ref

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Frenzy Capital aims at solving the business succession problems in Japan by Frenzy Contract, the main technology of Frenzy Capital. Single investors face high hurdle to make access to business succession companies or fund without third-party mediatio...