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By RAY shinata | Rayshina | 2 May 2020

Frenzy Capital aims at solving the business succession problems in Japan by Frenzy Contract, the main technology of Frenzy Capital. Single investors face high hurdle to make access to business succession companies or fund without third-party mediation. However, we believe that by utilitizing Blockchain and Smart Contract, we could clear the hurdle and create an environment allowing single investors to access to business succession companies, venture companies, and funds.In addition, our project members consist of specialist in growing company through investigation on the projects of the potential companies and hands-on investment.

Frenzy Capital lists the potential companies, considered to be high-quality upon investigation through partner companies, on Frenzy Contract. Users are able to use FZY when they invest on the projects on Frenzy Contract.
Smart contract address : 0x8720C8429b78df262360b0F39917a03f9B894746

Frenzy Airdrop Event :

referral code:@Cakil1

End date is May 15
Distribution will be complete within 3 weeks after airdrop event end.

Whitepaper :
Website :

Twitter :
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CoinGecko :

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