You have option to purchase OZC for free in its ICO using Airdrop options, how to do that guide is given in this.

How to get OZC for free in its ICO - quick guide.

By Ravthijo | Ravthijo | 31 Jul 2021

About OZC Smart Chain: 

OZC Smart Chain is a new generation Blockchain platform using the ODPoS consensus algorithm with the ability to process at a rate of 1 million transactions per second, near-instant transaction processing time, and almost zero transaction fees. The special thing is that the O-DPoS optimizes the system for almost unlimited expansion and uses fewer resources and power to help protect the living environment.

White Paper Link :

OZC Smart Chain Solution :

OZC Smart Chain is built with the following goals in mind:
+ Transaction processing speed is fast, almost instant
White Paper OZC Smart Chain 1.0
+ Transaction processing capacity of 1 million transactions per
second or more
+ The transaction fee is low enough to handle low-value transactions
+ Use fewer resources, energy
+ Environmental Protection
+ Equal distribution of tokens and power
+ Decentralization in governance

The Time Line / Roadmap of the Project:



Current ICO Status:



The ICO is open and available for Purchase now , the ICO Package is given as below :


Now, Guide for Purchase this ICO for free:

Step 1:  Join the platform with this referral link :

(you wont get any additional benefits for joining directly).


Step 2: Complete the Account Registration with (email confirmation) - no KYC required.

For this you will get 10$ as Airdrop.


Step 3: Now get two referrals from your account (for each referral you will get 0.5$. ) .

Now with two referral you will get 1$ more. so Total 11 $ in your Airdrop Account.


Step 4 : now Click ICO Bronze package and buy the OZC token using your Airdrop Amount collected.


All the best for your ICO subscription for free.

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Number and Crypto Maniac, Love to wet my hands on potential projects and Hobby explorer.


Number and Crypto Maniac, Love to wet my hands on potential projects and Hobby explorer.

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