Freedom and Economy
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Freedom and Economy

At school, one learns, from an early age, that freedom is the ability to come and go without limitations, to express thoughts without reservation and to believe what you want without being persecuted for it.

But in fact, freedom depends on how much you have to come and go, on how much you can invest to form your own opinions, and on collaborating economically to improve the world.

From this point of view, the limitations of freedom, the frontiers of where one can come and go, the limitations of knowledge and the capacity for transcendence collide with the economy.

Therefore, the economy limits, for any citizen, the freedom he can have.

That's why the richest can have more freedom than normal workers and, people with a certain capacity to generate capital, have more freedom than those who have nothing.

There are those who say they divest themselves of everything, go to nature and are free. Well, for this look, then they go naked into the jungle and, without using any technological resources, get water, food, agrigo, make their clothes and support themselves.

Can this happen?

Nowadays? I do not think so!

Until the end of the 19th century, or the lower half of the 20th century, people planted at home, life was more rural than urban. If they planted, if they had pets and cutters (chickens, pigs), they got water by drilling a well and a house made with resources from nearby trees.

In this sense, in today's modernity, you can't even get water without paying!

The dependence on electricity is such that, without resources, neither wifi, nor internet, nor access to knowledge, one has.

With almost everything: newspapers, books and arts, going digital, the segregation between people who can have access, that is, have money, from people who do not have access, who do not have capital, it only increases.

So freedom, in modern times, is closely linked to the ability to generate income, or to have the financial resources to acquire the technological means for this purpose.

Therefore, being in a cyclical machine, everyone depends to a greater or lesser degree on the world's productive capacity, the global financial system and governments to guarantee individual "freedoms".

With the cryptocurrency revolution, freedom, therefore, can be glimpsed by normal people.

Bitcoin came as a way to not depend on the global machinery, that is, to get out of the cyclical machine.

But the maintenance of this new freedom is eternal vigilance, learning and patience.

Betting in the world of cryptocurrencies requires knowing exactly when you can lose capital to gain more, or when it's not time to take risks.

In fact, freedom continues to be linked to the economy, in fact, it has always been, since man, in order to sustain himself, had to trade!

In the opportunities that arise, you reach out to use your skills and be able to live in a way that you don't have to punch every day!

Freedom and economy is, therefore, invariably, in the consciousness of living collectively, desiring the well-being of everyone, so that the economy can prosper and make the virtuous machine run.

On the contrary, the machine that turns is that of addiction and modern slavery!

Study, nowadays, becomes more important than the ancients said: "Study changes a person's life!"

It's right there!

The ancients knew!

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