Rapids Vote - Atomars & Champions League of the Altcoins 2020
Rapids Vote - Atomars & Champions League of the Altcoins 2020

By ChrissCrypto | Rapids English | 16 Feb 2020

Rapids Network Sunday News

Currently we are in competition for the voting contest on Atomars to be listed on their site, this voting session ends tomorrow, we count on your help and support to finish in the TOP 5


The Crypto Hero (on Twitter), has started the Champions League of the Altcoins 2020 for this new year.

With 16 Cryptocurrencies in the competition, divided into 4 groups of 4 Cryptos

Group A

  • NLC2 no limit coin
  • ECA electra
  • XMY myriad coin
  • Vulc vulcano

Group B

  • ASAFE allsafe coin
  • RDD reddcoin
  • KYDC know your developer

Group C

  • CCY cryptocurrency
  • PENG
  • XRP ripple

Group D

  • FUNC
  • DENT
  • PIVX

Allowing the communities of these Cryptos to give their voice and vote during one week, and support their favourite project, so that it can qualify for the next round.

The first round of voting took place on January 10th, with Group A, the winner of this Pool 'ECA electra' with 66.6% of the votes collected, will continue in the Semi-Finals facing the Group B Winner.

On January 15th, Group B is submitted to the Vote, 'Rapids' mobilizes all its communities around the world, and on Social Networks, which allows us to win this first Vote, with 46.6% of the votes in our favor, giving them a place in the Semi-Finals, which will be → ECA vs. RAPIDS

In the third round of voting, on January 19, 'XRP ripple' is the overall winner of Group C with a total of 71.8% of the votes received, securing a place in the Semi-Finals, opposite the Group D winner.

And to finish these quarter-finals, the last group, on 24 January, Group D is up for a vote. 'TEZOS' is the big winner with 67.6% of the votes for this crypto - giving them a Semi-FinalsXRP ripple vs. TEZOS

A week later start the Semi-Finals! On January 31st, with the new voting contest:
→ ECA electra vs. RAPIDS!
At the end of this vote, we counted 734 voters, it must be said that the 2 Communities are involved a maximum to offer their CRYPTO a place in the final of this Champions League of the Altcoins 2020. The final result is overwhelming, RAPIDS obtained 71.4% of the votes! Thus obtaining the sesame for the big FINAL!

On February 5th the clash of the Titans begins, the vote to decide which of XRP and TEZOS will have its place in the final, during the week we have seen reversals of situations, we could not guess from the beginning which of its crypto will reach the FINAL!
At the end of this tight match, 960 votes are counted, and XRP gets 57.5% of them! Announcing a legendary final!




The Crypto Hero opens the festivities on February 13th! Today on February 16th there are only 4 days left to vote, and we already have 957 votes! The communities are in effervescence, nothing is played yet.

Who from (source CoinGecko), is going to win this competition?:

  • Ripple (XRP) - 3rd in the Top Crypto ranking with a capitalization of $13.295 billion
  • Rapids (RPD) - 861st in the Top Crypto ranking with a capitalization of $541,000


One thing is for sure, no matter the outcome of this vote, RAPIDS is proud of its communities around the world, a maximum number of people got involved, and will continue to do so over the next 4 days!

We wish good luck to the 2 participating Cryptocurrencies: Ripple (XRP) & Rapids (RPD)

May the best Crypto win!

You too can take part in the Vote, just click on link of this Tweet, and vote for your favorite Cryptocurrency.

Thank you all for your help and support

We will meet in 4 days, to announce you the big winner of the Champions League of the Altcoins 2020.

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