Rapids Network presents its Roadmap 2021

Rapids Network presents its Roadmap 2021

By Chriss | Rapids Network | 30 Nov 2020

Hello everyone! 

Just recently (November 29, 2020) Rapids Network surprised us with the unveiling of its 2021 Roadmap.

After a well filled and relatively well respected 2020 Roadmap, which includes for reminder: 

  • Upgrade from Rapids to Rapids Network 2.0
  • Rebrand and update of its TipBot on Telegram
  • The release of the Rapids Mobile Wallet (available on Android & iOS)
  • New listings on various Exchanges 
  • Numerous working partnerships 
  • The ability to send RPD directly from your Rapids Mobile Wallet with Linkshare
  • And so many others ...
  • And to close the year 2020, after soliciting the community, Rapids has made a 5 Billion RPD Burn (video you can find on this link).


For 2021, Rapids Network has focused on the Gaming aspect of its development, without neglecting the development of Rapids Network, the Rapids Mobile Wallet and the various communities that the network can count on around the world. 

Here is an outline of what Rapids Network has planned for you for the coming year: 

  • Development of a Streaming platform for gamers (broadcast and revenue generation for Streamers).
    • Accompanied by a crowdfunding campaign to enable the campaign to support operating and marketing costs and thus keep it operational.
  • Creation of an NFT - RPDX Token (As a reminder, an NFT is a 'Non Fungible Token', which means that it is not interchangeable. Appeared for the first time in 2017 with CyberPunks in 2017, these tokens ensure that the holder of the NFT has full digital ownership of it, so he can enjoy it as he wishes (give it away, exchange it, sell it) while knowing that it is in no way possible to duplicate an NFT, even if they can be edited in a certain number of units, each NFT is Unique). Soon after RPDX creation, it will also be possible to buy these NFT Tokens with your RPD, just as it will be possible to convert your RPDX into RPD.
  • For the 3rd Quarter 2021, Rapids Network will work on the structure and content for its Tokenized games and collectibles, also developing the first of a long series of illustrations.
  • During the same quarter, the Rapids team will set up its NFT platform, as well as its Streaming platform (in Beta version).
  • And for the last quarter, Rapids plans to set up a payment system and Tips for Streamers for users of their platform, with Rapids (RPD)

To finish off this extremely busy year 2021, the Rapids team will organize another RPD Burn, this time involving 1 billion RPD.

If you want to know more about it, I invite you to consult the Roadmap on line on the official Rapids Network website, and feel free to join us on the Social Networks, as well as on Telegram to get the information in real time. 

Soon an AMA will be announced, this AMA will answer all your questions about the Future Streaming Platform, as well as Collectibles, RPDX and much more. 

Rapids will also work on the integration of Rapids Wallet and Epay Card, which will enable its users to make purchases from nearly 40 million retailers around the world. For those who host their RPD Masternodes on Rapids.Host, Masternode Governance will be possible, allowing them to take part in the major decisions of Rapids Network. Another great thing that we're all going to love is the integration of Rapids Mobile Wallet Cold Staking, the ultimate in security for your funds, while generating passive income through your RPD.



Stay tuned 

See you soon 

Rapids Network


Thank you all for your continued support to the network.

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