Rapids Network, a great Community

Rapids Network, a great Community

By Chriss | Rapids English | 17 Jul 2020

Hello everyone! The following correspondence is for all those who are already acquainted with Rapids and the Rapids Network, all those who know us well, but also for those who don't yet know us and our mission...

The Rapids Network, with its native Cryptocurrency "Rapids (RPD)", is not just a simple crypto project drowned in a mass of a thousand others. Rapids Network is, above all, a social  endeavor, a community of sharing, but the Rapids Network, and community, are considerably more than what lies on the surface.

We share a common goal; we do our utmost to put You in the spotlight, to allow You to discover the convoluted world of cryptocurrencies as effortlessly as possible. We accompany You, we support You, and we also enable You to earn a passive income, as efficiently as possible.


The Social Element

Recently, we have launched a brand new Tipbot on Telegram - the heart of our community - here you can chat with thousands of people around the world. Telegram is also the best place to follow the latest Rapids news (via the Official Rapids and Rapids Announcements channels), as well as communal competitions and activities (Like & RT, share videos, vote for listing contests for Rapids (RPD), etc.). All these small tasks help the community thrive, and to thank you for your commitment, we're setting up RPD Rains to celebrate the completion of these tasks regularly.

In addition, we organize AMAs, on the Official Telegram account of Rapids, but also on the Telegram accounts of the projects that invite us for AMA sessions. Twice a month, we organize Trivia, which allows you to win RPD if you are the first to give the correct response. Our TeamRPD channel provides significant rewards from regular contests for all lovers of mobile gaming.

Regardless of your location, or your native language, the Rapids community has you covered with our Ambassador organization. This structure within our project allows for greater access to the Rapids Network and community. Our ambassadors help spread the word of our mission, but they also help you connect with our community, irrespective of your culture or global hereabouts. Besides English, we currently have 14 separate languages and communities to support our Ambassadors. These include Arabic, Australia, Brazil, Dutch, France, Georgia, India, Italy, Nigeria, Slovenia, Poland, South Africa, Hispanic, and Turkey.

Please don't hesitate to join the channels surrounding your native tongue as it will assist to quickly integrate you into the Rapids community and reveal all Rapids has to offer.

Each community has a channel on Telegram, but these channels are also present on multiple Social Networks (Twitter, Facebook, Rapids World, etc.).


The Community Aspect

For a few days now, Rapids has opened its proprietary social networkRapids World” to the public. Far from simplistic, Rapids World allows you to become more involved in the community by participating in small surveys, answering questions, and posting your thoughts. Rapids World provides the opportunity to share your ideas, gain reputation, and become a full member of the Rapids Core Team. You can also join your local communities for even deeper immersion in the world of Rapids Network.



Rapids.Host, Staking & Masternodes Platform

Accompanying the Rapids Network's social experience, the innovation of a new Masternode Hosting and Staking platform is underway. This platform will be made available to you to provide a means of earning passive income via RPD Staking. Currently Rapids.Host lists over 40 different cryptocurrencies, and we have no plans of slowing that growth! 

Staking cryptocurrencies is presently the easiest way to earn passive income on your investment. Joining the Rapids.Host platform is swift and straightforward, comprised of a quick sign up, email confirmation, and no KYC requirement. Once a signup is complete, the Staking process is as easy as depositing your RPD in your Rapids.Host address and then adding them to the “Smart Pool” to begin earning RPD within minutes. You can find more information about the Staking process on Rapids.Host through a video on the Rapids Academy.

Apart from staking RPD, there is also the possibility of hosting your own Rapids Masternode if you can meet the 10 Million RPD requirement – to learn more about RPD Masternode hosting, you can visit the Rapids Academy and view the Rapids 'Host' Masternode Setup video.



The Rapids Network is working diligently to simplify your experience within the Rapids community and the cryptocurrency realm, as a whole: Earning Rapids (RPD), community support with a multitude of different languages, routine giveaways, and best of all, allowing you to generate passive income over the long term, all in one project! 

Welcome among us, enjoy the best of what Rapids can bring you, and together we continue to develop Rapids internationally!


See you soon.
Rapids Network

Thank you all for your continued support to the network.

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Rapids English
Rapids English

Welcome to the Blog of Rapids Network Feel free to contact me/us if you have any questions. Sincerely Christophe WILHELM Ambassador Rapids France

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