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Hello everyone!

For all those who could not attend our last AMA in the presence of Barter Trade Team, on Telegram : Rapids Official

Here is a transcript of the questions asked and very interesting answers from Barter Trade

If you also have any other questions, you can ask them directly on : https://t.me/bartertradeofficial


Corey S. : Good afternoon everyone, I hope you're all well?

Manmeet : Thanks for having us here Corey.

Corey S. : No problem at all, thanks for joining us today!


Today we're hosting an AMA with @garlamw, @yaanurag and @ManmeetBT from the new up and coming exchange https://bartertrade.io/


Corey S. : So first of all guys would you like to introduce yourselves and let us know what it is you do at Barter Trade


Anurag Yadav : Hi @crycy @Matt_Cimelli thanks a lot for having us here today.

Corey S. : Its our pleasure! thanks for joining us!


Anurag Yadav : Hello Rapids Community! Nice to be with you today.


Garlam WON : This is me!

Forbes - https://www.forbes.com/sites/geraldfenech/2018/12/19/interview-garlam-won-a-journey-from-comic-books-to-cryptocurrency-and-beyond/

Twitter (12k+ followers) - https://twitter.com/GarlamWon

Linkedin (16k+ followers) - https://www.linkedin.com/in/garlam/

Head of Marketing for Harmony - https://twitter.com/GarlamWon/status/1186236939692920832?s=20


  • First marketing person at Harmony and developed entire marketing pipeline and infrastructure

  • Ran AMA, Influencer, Twitter, Content, PR for Harmony

  • 800 - 70k in twitter following

  • Developed content line 

  • Brought in all the community managers and set up groups for Trading, Main community, and Harmony Fanatics group - Grew community from 3000 - 12k

  • Built relationship with journalists and got featured in Entrepreneur.com, coindesk, forbes, cointelegraph, reuters, The Block, Wall Street Journal, Hackernoon, etc 

  • Brought in gov contract (big tech company in Korea, Government incubator, MOU with city of Seoul) - Confidential 

  • Led most of the exchange listings (Huobi, Kucoin, Bitmax, Gate.io, Coinone)

Matt Cimelli : Brilliant introduction and wow, built up quite a network of connections there. Barter is going to be awesome.

Corey S. : That's a long list of featured posts you've acquired there!


Manmeet : I will quickly explain about myself. My name is Manmeet. I manage Operations at BarterTrade. I usually work from the backend. Been with the project for over 2 years now. We started this around 2 years ago. We have been completely self funded. Currently we are preparing for our launch in september 2020. We have been doing a lot of partnerships with projects that have a real value in this space and Rapids happens to be one of them and we are really excited to have them on Board.

Matt Cimelli : Thanks for this, and excited also to work with you guys.

Corey S. :I bet you all can't wait for the platform to go live after 2 years of development!?

Manmeet : Yes, we are really excited for the launch. It has been a lot of hard work and dedication.

Yes guys if you haven't already done so make sure you check out bartertrade.io


Anurag Yadav : Background-wise, I'm the CEO of Barter Trade. Been in the Blockchain business for almost 6 years now. Started with a niche Blockchain Technology Development organization - PrimaFelicitas (www.primafelicitas.com) with offices in San Francisco, London & Delhi. Subsequently, witnessed the state of affairs in the Crypto Exchange industry. That's when decided to make an Exchange with a difference that actually serves the community and is so easy and seamless that even first time traders can use effortlessly. In fact our long-term vision is to see Barter Trade being used by Granny - that's the day we are working towards. :) 

Academically, went to the Business School at Stanford and undergrad was at the IIT (India).

Matt Cimelli : Absolutely hit the nail on the head!

Anurag Yadav : Yes, @Matt_Cimelli took us almost 20 months to get to where we are today. No external funding. Just bootstrapped with our heads down. Trying to build a product that actually moves the needle in this crowded Exchange business. And, truly is useful and frictionless for the community members at any level of trading experience.

Matt Cimelli : No pressure just designing and developing, it’s packed full of features also. Excellent ideas and perfectly researched.

Stuart Lloyd : Used by Granny......l like this!! ?

Anurag Yadav : I know. Would be fun..Isn't it?!

Corey S. : Every user prefers simplicity and accessibility!


Manmeet : Happy to have some questions from the community :)


Corey S. : Great personal introductions!

Could you please introduce Bartertrade and what you guys will be providing your users on your platform?

Anurag Yadav : The vision for Barter Trade is to be not just another crypto exchange, but to be much more. We're a complete ecosystem for traders. Barter Trade is a revolutionary trading platform that aims to widely bring cryptocurrencies and other blockchain assets to people through an efficiently designed user-friendly platform. BarterTrade is an Easy, Smart, Social, and Gamified way to trade cryptocurrencies. We pride ourselves in aiming to be the people's exchange. For us, this means a dedicated focus on 3 pillars: Security, transparency, and efficiency.

Manmeet : Yes, that has been our main focus. It also comes from the years of trading experience that a lot of our Team members hold. It was relatively easy to distinguish between what is good for a trader and what is not.


Matt Cimelli : Shall we move onto some community questions?


Nicolas Roussel : You plan to open P2P lending. Will that process be automated and will you offer some liquidity or will it be purely P2P? Will margin lending be allowed on the platform or only spot rates?

Manmeet : As you all may know, lending in general is a passive way to earn income on your savings or holdings in Cryptocurrencies by lending it to others and earning interest on it.

Our P2P lending will be a fairly decentralised process although it will be on a centralised system.

Barter Trade’s P2P lending will go hand-in-hand with the margin trading on Barter Trade’s platform. Bartertrade’s p2p lending will allow users to earn interest on their cryptocurrencies by lending it to other users with the option to select the different cryptocurrencies, stable coins, time period to lend (min to max), and the interest rate lender wants to charge the borrower. On the other hand, Margin trade allows users to trade with borrowed funds. The lending amount will be available to the users for margin trading who will pay the interest on the borrowed amounts.

Barter Trade will connect lenders (willing to earn interest on holdings) and borrowers (willing to do margin trade) peer to peer according to their orders placed in the order book. The lending amount will be available for borrowers as a whole or in partial amount as per the required conditions. If the borrower opens a position that requires a portion of the lent amount, Bartertrade will allocate that portion to the borrower, and the rest of the lent amount will be available for other borrowers.

Corey S. : This sounds really interesting!


Manmee : Regarding the Question of Liquidity, Yes we will have our own liquidity but our interest rates will be fixed but on the other hand, the users on the platform will have the ability to set up custom interest rates for the amount they wanna lend or borrow.


Matt Cimelli : Just reading... Very informative answers ?


Corey S. : Okay next question

Barter Trade: In which pairs $RPD will be traded at barter trade platform?

I see you successfully finished your token sale and can say only I'm very happy you succeeded. How you will keep safe Rapids coins from #Defi problems like what happened with whitehacking? 3 platforms already got lessons with high amounts of buy/sell orders?

Each customer's wallets are centralized, everybody will have privatekeys to they wallets at your exchange?

Matt Cimelli : Question is from @smartweekend


Anurag Yadav : Currently, we have 4 markets integrated into the background. USDT, TUSD, BTC, ETH, BART. Also, the thing to note is that listing more pairs is not as important as listing the pairs that have enough liquidity so that trading has low spreads. The pairing is not decided yet. It could be any 1 or 2 from the above at the start and as the volume starts to pick up we will add new markets for RPD.


Matt Cimelli : I’m excited to hear more about Social Trading and the Battlegrounds features.. ?

Manmeet : Sure, I am really happy to answer these.


Manmeet : ANS: Social trading is a unique way to Trade, Learn, and Earn alongside your fellow traders. One aspect of social trading is copy trading. Copy trading allows you to copy other successful traders or monetize your own trading strategies if you are a good trader yourself. No need to follow a paid group leader anymore. Follow people that really trade. 

Choose your trader based on a number of metrics i.e. Profitability, Max losses, Account Life, Pool balance, No. of followers, Trade history, Traders fee, Account's Risk score thus reducing the risk of the following someone substantially, highlighting transparency and helping people make better decisions based on real-time market and performance data.

Benefits for the followers:

  1. Hassle-free trading experience. Click follow and start trading.

  2. Follow the most successful/profitable Master traders from the leaderboard.

  3. Choose the best trader for you based on a number of metrics mentioned above.

  4. Cancel your subscription anytime.

  5. Follow people that really trade.

Benefits for the master trader:

  1. Earn income just by sharing your trading history, performance data, and allowing people to follow your trades.

  2. Set a standard fee for following you or a % commission on the amount of profit, traders earn by following you.

  3. Earn a 40% commission on trading fees generated from the list of your followers.

Other aspects of social trading will include products related to mutual investing/ First introduction to this list is SAF i.e. smart assets fund


Manmeet : Will give you some time to read this out before we get on to the battlegrounds part


Corey S. : Thanks for all the informative answers guys! very helpful and understandable.

We'll now open up the chat for community questions...


Manmeet : Quickly adding the second part of this answer i.e.  Smart Assets Fund

Ans: Barter Trade’s SAF is an individual managed tokenized Fund Market consisting of one or a number of cryptocurrencies. In simple words, SAF is similar to mutual funds but built on the concept of tokenization. A SAF trader is a Portfolio manager with whom other users can invest their cryptocurrencies. SAF provides the users with little-to-no experience an opportunity to trade alongside highly professional traders. Every fund listed on the SAF market is tokenized and reflects as a token on the SAF markets. Barter Trade SAF’s is highly unique and advanced as compared to traditional markets, a user never directly invests in a SAF and loses hold of his assets at any time but instead he/she follows a SAF which would be based on a number metrics i.e. Type of assets, Past performance, Experience of the trader etc. This gives the user power of exiting the SAF at any preferred time. The SAF market will be highly sophisticated where our system will analyse the real time data and performance of the market and the performance of the FUND will reflect on the graphical chart. Every listed SAF would reflect: 

  1. Current portfolio

  2. Past Performance 

  3. No of followers

  4. General information of trader i.e. Social profiles, experience etc

SAF’s market will leverage traders in making smart decisions while choosing where and when to invest. We all know that the crypto community is filled with noise and scams of paid groups. Every other person with zero to no TA or FA knowledge claims to be a crypto guru. SAF would widely help reduce that noise and bring stability to overall sentiment of the crypto traders because the users will be following a SAF based on real time performance data which will reflect on the trading chart. Additionally, SAF hugely benefits the portfolio managers and adds a lot of value to their trading. There are several benefits that traders obtain for running a SAF. These include

  1. Commission on trading fees

  2. Commission on Profits earned 

  3. Respect among traders

Stuart Lloyd : Is it a monthly subscription?

Manmeet : Yes, but they won't be deducted you will have to hold a certain number of BART to enable the access. For example, if the fee is 50$, you will have to hold and lock 50$ BART which will unlock after your month ends, you can then lock them again to continue the access.


Matt Cimelli : How will the traders publish their trades? Will they be available instantly?

Manmeet : These will be real time. Our system will monitor every listed trader Real time.

Matt Cimelli : Less stress than running a clicky group somewhere


Matt Cimelli : Have any top traders lined up to open and promote?

Manmeet : We have not enrolled anyone officially yet but we have a lot of interest from a number of Traders.


Corey S. : Okay, opening chat for community questions ?


Dandy@RPD : My question. In the world there are many exchanges how do you think this exchange can stand the competition with other exchanges


Manmeet : For starters, we are not competing with anyone. We like to drive in a separate lane. Competing means that you are already lagging behind someone and that thing does not allow you to put in your best efforts. 

Now to the actual question, tbh there isn't much competition in the market. Most exchanges are filled with fake volumes and are a clone of one another.

If you go deep inside the exchange market and try to understand it, you will know the bulk of the market is an empty shell. At Least 90% of the platforms are boxes filled with fake volumes, 0 liquidity, and No real products. The market is dominated by clones/ replicas of one another. Most of the exchanges don’t even have basic order types such as stop-loss let alone any real product. Leaving only a handful of exchanges that are real in terms of the user base, liquidity, and volumes but still some of them lack actual products that benefit users. 

Check out this recent expose of a Top 50 exchange by our team member and Coinmarket cap appreciated it and promised to take action: https://twitter.com/ManmeetBRT/status/1275858676671078401?s=20 ….. Space is filled with such projects. This is the situation in the top 50 exchanges, imagine what else lies below and beyond.


Dejan Suhadolc : Any chance of RPD being used as a loyalty coin?

Anurag Yadav : Thanks for asking this. We will definitely consider this as we move forward. In the very near-term we will be looking to grow the community through a variety of events, Airdrop campaigns, Trading competitions, etc.


ɑɳɗiiɳʀ : Please Give me a strong reason why I should pay attention to BART ?? What are your planning to achieve with your project?

Manmeet : This would explain everything about BART

ANS: I would like to start by explaining a bit about Utility tokens. What is a utility token and what is the misconception regarding it among the general users/traders.

Utility tokens are the native tokens of a particular project. They are a digital currency that can be utilised to avail a number of benefits attached to it while using the product attached to them. For example: Like in PUBG you add money and buy UCcash then further use that UcCash to buy stuff within the game. 

Same is the case with utility tokens. There is a digital form of the cash that can be utilised within the platform to the products attached to it. Most people don’t buy utility tokens with the mindset of utilising them on their platforms but more in the form of Security where they invest and expect a return from it sooner or later. Since Most of the utility tokens have a limited supply therefore their price is not stable and fluctuates as per the market demand. 

Many people complain after participating in a token sale that XYZ token is dead or its value is really low now etc but they fail to understand why that happens. It happens because the token has no use case in the product for which it was built hence there is no demand and it reflects in the price. 

Yes, some of the tokens which don’t have any working use case could pump on any given day because the markets are illiquid and it takes a couple 1000 $$ to move the price but they will probably eventually dump too. Only the tokens that have a real value, use cases for the projects they were built for will sustain in price in the longer run.

Buying a utility token is not an investment but committing to using that token in the platform they are attached to. If the users don’t see the benefit or need to use the particular token in a product then they should not be buying that token.

Now we come to the part of BART’s utility cases and how it evolves within our platform.

Some of the basic use cases-

  1. BRT can be used to pay fees on Barter Trade platform and a discount of 40% can be availed on the trading fees.

  2. Upto 100% off or Zero trading fee for BRT holders. Threshold for to avail this offer is to hold 300k BRT for 100%, 200k for 80%, 100k for 65% locked up for at least 1 month with a maximum account balance of 100k USD. Beyond this balance there will be fee charges with respect to the Liquidity on the platform. These conditions are respected to change with the change in token’s price and the liquidity on the platform.

  3. BRT will be utilised in the voting events related to listings or any other activity that is community based.

  4. BRT will be utilised to pay any type of fee on Barter Trade’s platform.

  5. Exclusive rewards, airdrops and bounty events for BRT holders.

  6. Future integrations with traditional merchants/partners are in the pipeline.

Some Exclusive product based use cases-

Social trading: BART will be utilised to pay the fee/commission of the master traders.

Lock up 800 BART or 15$ worth at current price to avail avail social trading services. It unlocks after a month and requires a Lock up renewal every month.

Algo trading: BART will be used to pay subscription fees for all kinds of Bots on the Algo platform. Be it following custom made bots by traders or exclusive advanced AI bots built by Barter Trade. The subscription fees will range from 5-50$ worth BART.

Battlegrounds: Exclusive, high rewarding tournaments for BART holders. Prioritizing Battleground events rewards in BART wherever possible.

Early access to Barter Trade's advanced features for BART holders.

There are and will be a lot more use cases that add to BART’s utility in the future as we continue to progress and build our products.


Matt Cimelli : Can you explain more about eazypay?

Manmeet : Ans: Barter Trade’s EazyPay is a decentralized peer-to-peer fiat trading network. Allowing users to trade directly with each other without the involvement of any third party. It allows an easy gateway for buying various cryptocurrencies using fiat currency and also selling them without being dependent on the exchange to process the deposits and withdrawals.The EazyPay network will not only support BTC but also a number of altcoins. Allowing users to buy and sell them directly using FIAT and that too in a decentralised way.This will be secured and made possible by an advanced escrow and customer support system to conduct the transactions in a smooth and transparent manner.The transactions costs on EazyPay will be a near negligible as compared to private payments processors we use for buying and selling cryptocurrencies.

Apart from this, the EazyPay network will support fiat trading on the Barter Trade’s main exchange. This will be made possible by our advanced bid matching system for deposits and withdrawals. This will eventually also eliminate the need of a bank to process the payments for the individuals.

How this works: 

  1. User X wants to trade the BTC/USD pair but does not have USD balance in his exchange account.

  2. User X places a 500 USD deposit request on EazyPay.

  3. User Y, who just sold his BTC on the BTC/USD pair, wants to withdraw his USD.

  4. User Y places a withdrawal request for 500 USD on EazyPay.

  5. User X gets matched to User Y.

  6. User Y’s 500 USD are now locked in the escrow.

  7. User X’s screen will show a pop up asking him to deposit 500 USD in User Y’s account.

  8. User X will deposit 500 USD in user Y’s account and post the proof for the payment in the conversation window.

  9. User Y will confirm the payment and then release the escrow.

  10. User X gets 500 USD in his exchange account and he can now trade with them on the BTC/USD pair.

The release for EazyPay is expected around Q3-Q4 of 2021


Matt Cimelli : Do you publish a monthly update article with progress from token sale and partners?


Manmeet : ☑️A bit late but it is here. Our monthly report for July 2020.



Gilberto : How does Barter participate in gaming?


Anurag Yadav : Battlegrounds is trading gamified. Battlegrounds is a unique platform where traders can enjoy an element of fun and entertainment while trading. You would trade anyway, why not participate in a tournament while you do your normal trading and be eligible to win some exciting prizes? 

Play and compete while you trade crypto assets and win exciting prizes. Be it spot pairs or derivatives pairs, there will always be competitions and tournaments going on at Barter Trade’s Battlegrounds.


Stijn Van Den Bulck : @ManmeetBT is there going to be a minimum buy amount and sell amount on your exchange , and how far apart are they going to be, because a lot of exchanges make this to lets say sel 0.1 RPD but minimum buy is 3000 RPD (for example)

Manmeet : i am not aware of the RPD price atm and the threshold on our exchange will be calculated w.r.t to USD value. I think the minimum trade amount is 5$ atm but it can be tweaked based on the community feedback.


Prince : What's the purpose of BART ?

Dejan Suhadolc : BART can be used to pay for fees on the Barter Trade exchange platform

BART can be used in the voting events related to the Barter Trade platform. 

BART will be used to pay the commission/fee to the master traders on the Social trading platform.

BART will be used to pay subscription fees for all kinds of Bots on the Algo platform. Be it, custom made bots by traders or exclusive advanced AI bots by Barter Trade.  ...... Just few thing found on Bartertrade official site


Matt Cimelli : How easy are the algo trade bots to use? Will there be a fee to use?


Manmeet : Regarding Algo trading:

Ans: Barter Trade's Algo trading -- Powered by the revolutionary Flourishing Capital AI makes crypto investing simple and smart for investors by driving higher risk adjusted returns via automatic, real time market conditions based portfolio optimization.  

Flourishing Capital AI is not a basic one size fits all trading bot.  It actively adapts trading strategy to profit in bull markets and preserve capital in bear markets, putting you on the same level as professional, experienced crypto investors.

How Flourishing Capital AI works

  • Blockchain analysis, Multi-exchange order book analysis, Technical analysis, Statistical anomaly analysis, Stable coin arbitrage, and Overall supply and demand analysis are weighted dynamically to drive Flourishing Capital AI market cashflow opinion

  • Return Boosting Intelligences: upon a bullish market determination, the AI will purchase BTC and other crypto investments gaining against Bitcoin to multiply gains. Flourishing Capital AI also supports futures trading analysis and stop gap measures determined by the investor

  • Capital preservation intelligence: on a bearish market opinion, the AI will gracefully exit from exposed positions into fiat pegged or market making positions dynamically, preventing mass position exit market drops. When possible, Flourishing Capital AI will also purchase 1/Bitcoin and leveraged ETPs, and arbitrage coins

  • Neutral Market Intelligence: Flourishing Capital AI gracefully enters a balanced Bitcoin to Fiat Position (50-50 or investor determined), enabling a shift in an advantageous position while limiting losses. When an opportunity to flip altcoins exists, the AI will scale in and out of position to maximize risk adjusted gains.

    All purchases and sells are split up into many small orders with laddering calculated using an AI driven statistical model which controls for risk and likelihood of order fill.

FlourishAI benefits for traders

  • Improve risk adjusted portfolio yields. 

  • Leverage high frequency trading, deep blockchain analysis, and information unavailable even to seasoned traders.

  • Automate risk management, maximizing returns while giving investors control over risk appetite.

  • Simply investing (set it and forget it) while retaining control of risk appetite. Turn on conservative hedging against fiat, more opportunistic strategies, or turn off Flourish anytime to simply hold.

  • Multidimensional strategies best handled via high frequency, data analysis by AI. For  example, Flourishing Capital AI may take a long position on an altcoin rising against Bitcoin. On a crypto bear indication, the  AI gracefully exists to a long Fiat, then uses Fiat gains to enter a stronger position in Bitcoin upon bull crypto indicators.

  • Higher risk adjusted return by leveraging both fiat arbitrage and trading opportunities (dips and rises in the market).

  • Automatically fund trades via exchange tokens, simplifying trading even further.

  • Query detailed information and analysis about markets at any time, providing detailed block analysis unavailable to most traders.

  • Cross-exchange trading to boost gains even further

As you can read above, the AI is smart and scalable. It is not a basic trading bot where you inject tech indicators. The AI takes into account 100’s of metrics, Blockchain analysis, Multi-exchange order book analysis, Technical analysis, Statistical anomaly analysis, Stable coin arbitrage, and Overall supply, demand analysis and what not.


Matt Cimelli : What are your plans to make sure the marketplace isn’t abused by dodgy sellers and scammers?

Manmeet : I think partnering with Genuine project in this space always helps. Since we all know the market is filled with Scams and ponzi. There will be a number of benefits for Rapids community. Exposure to a large community of various projects (Check our partners list). Unique features where RPD can be traded. There will be a lot more developments as we move along in this partnership and build trust.


Dejan Suhadolc : Are you planning to introduce staking in the future?

Manmeet : Yes, staking for our token will be available within August


Ale :When Barter Trade will be operative?

Anurag Yadav : Sep

Stuart Lloyd : Not long now.....exciting

Anurag Yadav : Yes, very exciting. Just round the corner. ?


Dejan Suhadolc : Trying to find this information on your site. What Fiat gateway will you use? Any partnership confirmed or in motion?

Manmeet : Yes, we will have multiple Fiat Gateways. We are currently registering ourselves at 3 different locations so that we have  better regulatory environment for our business


Smartweekend : What about KYC ?

Anurag Yadav : The current system allows up to 2 BTC without KYC. However, the regulatory environment is rapidly evolving and we are also exploring a variety of jurisdictions. Therefore, this number may change.


Corey S. : I think you guys have answered the majority of the questions! could you please pick your 5 favourite questions who will win 10,000 RPD each


See you soon.
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