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By Chriss | Rapids Network | 5 Oct 2019


I would like to introduce you to a Cryptocurrencie, which I think could have a bright future in France

It is a young Cryptocurrencie, with a very promising future, it is already listed on many exchange

- Boa
- Birake
- Crex24
- SWFT Blockchain...


With a community of several thousand members around the world, Rapide is very active on social networks, and continues to grow day by day, creating new partnerships: Sports, Online Games, Streamers, Online Shop, and this is only the beginning.

For a brief explanation of what Rapids is: "Rapids is a Cryptocurrencie project using social networks for daily transactions. The Rapids platform makes it easy to send, donate and share $Rapids via a web browser and social media-compatible widgets. »

I'll let you discover their relatively detailed Roadmap, to show you what the Rapids team has already accomplished, and the work they still have to do:

The Rapids community has members from more than 20 different languages around the world, with their dedicated telegram channel, as well as social networks

Thanks to our Tipbot on telegram, we make RPD rains quite frequently in the community, because it is thanks to the work of a set of people that all projects can be completed.

I also leave you this link: their official website:
As well as this one, where you will find all the answers you could ask yourself, about Rapids:

I am at your disposal if you have any questions, or if you would like more information

We hope that Cryptocurrencie Rapids has aroused your interest, we would be delighted to have you with us: on the French Telegram channel:
Officiel Channel English :

Christophe WILHELM
Ambassador Rapids France  



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