Host your Masternode on Rapids.Host

Host your Masternode on Rapids.Host

By Chriss | Rapids English | 12 Jun 2020

Hello everyone!

We, the Millennials but also the young Generation Z live in a world where everything is within our reach.

We have lived through many great digital advancements with the birth of the Internet in 1983, and then the gradual appearance of cryptocurrencies from Ecash in 1983 to Bitcoin in 2008

We are also fervent defenders of the ecological cause because we would like to live in a cleaner future. Our goal is to be able to combine new technologies and comfort of life with the respect for nature and the planet.

This last decade has been the most favourable period at all levels, enhanced means of communication, ever changing consumption habits and above all, and what some would say is most important, is the new ways to earn revenue!

However, I often say in my articles "You have to have money to make money!" Free money does not exist and whoever tells you the opposite does not live in the same world as we do.

With the incessant development of cryptocurrencies (today we count more than 5000 different ones) it has become very easy to make money (attention, I use the word "easy" and not the word "simple").

At the moment there are several opportunities available to us:

  • Crypto Mining: The equipment needed is expensive, and consumes a lot of electricity.

  • Masternode Hosting: A simple solution which does not require any special knowledge or specific hardware. If you do choose to host a Masternode on your own Pc or Raspberry Pi it will unfortunately consume a lot of electricity, as you must leave it running at all time to maximise your profits.

  • Staking: The simplest and quickest solution to generate passive income with cryptocurrencies. Accessible with small amounts, the fees are relatively high (you don't pay them, they are deducted from your staking rewards).


It is at the end of this observation that Rapids Network offers us once again a great opportunity, a way to maximise your investment. While removing all unnecessary expense factors from our part (The purchase of expensive equipment coupled with a relatively high electricity bill because our servers need to run 24/7. Also a technical and theoretical knowledge in computer hardware maintenance etc.)

Recently Rapids Network acquired a Staking and Masternode Hosting platform (Formerly known as Masternode.Community) and rebranded the platform to Rapids.Host or simply 'Host'.

This new platform is very easy to use. For Staking (if you don't have a lot of RPD) you can join the 'Smart Pools' and earn daily staking rewards in prorata of your investment.


For the Masternode Hosting option. If you have 10 Million RPD, it only costs 0.99€ a month once Masternode is deployed, you don't have to do anything else.

The smart Rapids hosting platform will take care of everything, letting you earn passive income from day one. As soon as you have the Hosting set up, you can switch off your computer, if you wish, the platform takes care of everything on your own virtual server.

Rapids.Host does not only list the Rapids Masternodes, you also have the choice of over 40 other cryptocurrencies such as :

  • Allsafe coin (SAFE)
  • Feirm (XFE)
  • KYDcoin (KYD)
  • MonetaryUnit (MUE)
  • The Power Coin (TPWR)
  • And many more ...

Rapids.Host provides you with everything you need … Earning money whist respecting our planet. What more could we ask for?


For people who want to register with a gmail address, please contact Rapids.Host support on telegram. We would be happy to explain how to proceed to activate your account following the change in Google AI. Activation links may not appear in your mail.


Thank you all for your continued support to the network.

Rapids Network

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Rapids English

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